January 19, 2011

And life comes to a screeching halt.

I no more than hit publish on my last post when things went to Hades around here. Well, it did for Bitsy, anyway.

She had just finished her chocolate chip cookie when she proudly brought me another. "Dis one for Moomah!" She was so happy to have gotten a cookie for her imaginary friend. I said, "No. Moomah can't have a cookie. I have to put it up." Most things gotten for Moomah become Bitsy's possessions.

This must have caused some kind of catastrophe that I know nothing of because Bitsy collapsed on the floor in a heap of sobs and tears. Her poor little heart was absolutely shattered because Moomah was not allowed a cookie.

Being a mother, I picked up the sobbing pile and sat it on my lap. Between gasps and sobs she told me she wanted to take a shower. "You've already had your bath tonight, Baby." I thought the crying couldn't get worse.

I was wrong.

She must have had a few tenuous strands of self control still in her grasp & when I denied her a shower the snapped. Screams, sobs, wails of misery erupted from her tiny form. "Me not say me want a bath. Me say me want a shower. Why me never get a take a shower? Why #1 Son take a shower? Me want a bath!"

She was so upset she slid off my lap and hollered, "Don't touch me!" Unfortunately, she's only three and really needs to be held when her world falls apart. It took her about 7 seconds to realize I was the only parental unit available for comfort and she returned to my lap to sob out the remainder of the moisture left in her body.

It is so hard being three.


Penny said...

hey, heard that Grandma and Grandpa Walter not doing so well..prayers for them!!

Kork said...

poor baby...hoping things are a bit better.

PS - did you rectify the whole fictional bounty hunter issue yet?

Praying that the Grand's are ok!!!!