January 6, 2011

It's Oh So Quiet.

It is oddly quiet in my house. Husband just left for work. Bitsy is taking a nap. Lilly May & Buddy Joe are sitting quietly at my feet. The television is off. The only noise is the tapping of my fingers on the key board and the air purifier humming away...and the occasional beagle howling outside.

I'm not sure I can deal with this much silence.

Yesterday was my fifth Blogoversary and I missed it. Even with my nifty countdown button on the side bar. I totally missed it. Oh well.

I'm beginning to wonder about Bitsy. She's always been a bit on the quite and shy side unless alone at home with "her people." But lately her personality is shining through like a search light. Who is this child & what has she done with my baby?

Yesterday we brought home a bag of hand-me-downs from a friend at school. She squealed with delight and screamed, "This is FABULOUS!" and, "Me be BEAUTIFUL in this!" until she was blue in the face. She then proceeded to wear three shirts and 2 pairs of shorts all at the same time.

Sunday night she decided she was going to sing a special at our annual candle light service. I went up with her and she sang Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves the Little Children. Normally she refuses to sing Deep & Wide with the other kids during Children's Minute on Sunday mornings because people are watching.

Today I made blackened salmon, baked pirogi, and stir-fry veggies for lunch. Bitsy wrapped herself around my legs and shouted, "Thank you make me vegetables! Me LOVE vegetables! Dem make me hop around like dis: Hop, hop, hop!" And later it was, "Thank you make me salmon! Me LOVE salmon! It give me strong muscles. Feel my muscles, Mom. Dem is big like God's!"

She's becoming more flamboyant, more outgoing, and more over the top every day. I told her she was turning into Fancy Nancy. She said, "Me not Fancy Nancy. Her tan't do splits like me." Then she jumped in the air and landed in a funny little leg sprawl she calls the splits.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, she is her mother after all.


Kork said...

that's what happens when she doesn't have older siblings to compete with...all that pent up personality is coming out in spades. Just wait...the youngest is always the craziest...I should know!

Precious and sweet...

Layla said...

Ah, yes. I'll agree with Kork - the youngest is indeed always the craziest. I am the youngest, after all. :)