January 7, 2011

Deep Breaths

Bitsy just found a twenty cent piece her dad brought back from a mission trip to Mexico 10 years ago. She asked if she could have it & I said yes. "Thank you pretty much," she replied followed by shouts of, "Me keep dis forever & forever & forever & forever!"

Her favorite magic trick is hiding her hands behind her back & saying, "Hey,wheremyhandsgo?Ta-da!Magic!" all in one breath as she jerks them up in front of her face.

In spite of all the hilarity happening around me, I'm struggling to keep it together tonight. My head hurts. The FarmHands are hell bent on making me nuts. There are tasks that need tackling that I simply do not have the motivation to get to now.

It snowed last night. Just enough to make the side roads slippery & a very sleepy Husband have to crawl out of bed & drive me to town for groceries. The snow kept falling all afternoon but oddly what was on the ground continued to melt. Now it's a cold, slushy, muddy mess which means the FarmHands will be house bound all weekend. This is not a good prospect at the moment.

Maybe a session of Zumba will help. It sure can't hurt. Unless of course I pass out in the floor and the FarmHands are left to fend for themselves until their father gets home from work at odd hours of the morning.

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