January 4, 2011

I am so accomplished.

Since my last post was all about what I haven't done, I figured it would be a good idea to post about what I have done. I'm not sure this list will be as long nor as interesting as the last, but we shall see.

  • As my mother pointed out, I have met a celebrity. I met Gordon from Sesame Street at the mall in Champing, Il when I was little. I had nearly forgotten. Thank you, Mother.
  • I have jumped off a bridge. I plunged around 40 feet into a very, very cold river. Not the brightest thing I've ever done but I think that may be a running theme on this blog.
  • I petted a kangaroo.
  • I have been on Good Morning America. I was in a crowd of grade schoolers at the beginning that shouted, "Good Morning America!"
  • I have marched in three parades.
  • I have walked the runway in a fashion show. I was 9 & it was for a local children's clothing shop we frequented.
  • I sat in the middle of Highway 31 in Tennessee at one in the morning pretending to read a book.
  • I have eaten rabbit, squirrel, alligator and squid.
  • I have ridden an elephant.
  • I have passed out.
  • I have cried so hard I've thrown up.
  • I have laughed so hard I cried....and peed my pants a little.
  • I have had my heart broken.
  • I have been so happy I thought my heart would explode.
  • I have ridden in a semi. I have fallen asleep in the sleeper bed of said semi.
  • I have been to Disney World...twice.
  • I have bounced a check.
  • I have paid off a loan early.
  • I have sung Karaoke.
  • I have had my picture in the news paper.
  • I have called in and voiced my opinion on a radio show.
  • I have wrecked a car.
  • I have gathered eggs.
  • I have ridden in a combine.
  • I have made jelly from flowers.
  • I have gathered eggs from under laying hens.
  • I have chased stray goats, ducks, chickens, and cattle.
  • I have written bad poetry. Really bad poetry.
  • I have wanted to save the world.
  • I have been content with my place in this world.
  • I have had to eat my words (more than once).
  • I have had to apologize for many things.
  • I have had to forgive things I knew I'd never receive an apology for.
  • I have stood on top of a mountain.
  • I have slid down a waterfall.
  • I have been lost in Chicago (well, I was in the car my uncle was driving and he was lost...even though he claimed otherwise).
  • I have been lost in the country.
  • I have smelled moonshine.
  • I have hunted snipe.
  • I have sent people to hunt snipe.
  • I have TP'd many yards.
  • I have memorized many children's books.
  • I have needed stitches.
  • I have shaved the back of my head, dyed my hair purple and blue, worn a rat tail and a spike, and have had a square perm...not all at once.
  • I have given birth 4 times.
  • I have been so frustrated I've screamed & pulled my own hair.
  • I have loved more than I ever thought possible.

I think that will do for now...and I think I was wrong about this list being shorter and less varied.


Inkling said...

~ You have camped between two trees.

~ you have slept on a gear shift (still repenting for that one)

~ You have flirted across a canyon

~ You got into college with a top ten list (They really should have seen the real one)

~ you have seen the sunrise and the sunset (maybe it was against your will?)

~ you have walked around the block in your nightgown with flowers on your fingers and jewels on your neck

~ you have slept on the floor in the same room where a woman passed from this world to the next (and we got reprimanded for making so much noise by hearing that story and getting scared out of our little minds)

~ your grandparents are celebrities....of a sort

and with that memorable last edition, I think I'll close =)

Layla said...

You have acted on stage!

Inkling said...

I should add to the part about camping between two trees that it was done in a car and we couldn't have opened the doors if we'd tried. But we didn't know that until morning.

Kork said...

What a great list! But, you forgot to mention:

you let your friend try to make you like Marisa Tomei in Oscar for Spring Formal


Audrey S. J. said...

Made jelly from flowers?! That's awesome! Would love a post about how/what that entailed! never heard of such a thing :-)