January 31, 2011

I'm done.

I am officially done with winter. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hasn't gotten my memo. She's decided it's perfectly acceptable to dump massive quantities of snow and ice on me. OK, so maybe just the ice. And maybe by "massive" I mean 1/4"-3/4" of ice...but personally I think anything over 0/4" is far too much.

I was supposed to take #1 Son to see his ENT today and get his ear tube checked, but decided against it when the thought of driving an hour and a half home in ice occurred to me. Husband is blaming global warming.

I am well stocked with milk, granola bars, and Ramen noodles, so we should survive. There are only 2 things I'm truly dreading. #1 is Husband driving to work in ice when the salt trucks do not know any roads within 3 miles of us even exist. #2 is the possibility of the power going out. I get a bit stir crazy when we're without electricity. I wouldn't make a good Amish wife. I really like my microwave and the fridge & freezer are pretty stinking important, too.

So here I sit, awaiting Snowmageddon 2011 and wondering if it's going to live up to the hype or will it go the way of Y2K (which I never believed in to begin with).

Keep warm, dear readers. Keep warm.


Staci said...

Here's me showing my ignorance - but assuming you have an electric stove - How are you going to cook Ramen without electricity?

FarmWife said...

Ahhh, no. We have a gas stove. And a gas furnace (not that it helps when there's no electicity to run the fan). And a gas water heater.

I took no chances when we moved to the boonies.