February 2, 2011

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

If you have spent any time on Facebook in the past 12 months, I'm sure you've had at least one friend post the following (or something similar to it) as their status. "Comment on this status and tell me how we met. Then re-post this as your status so your friends can do the same. This should be fun!"

Today I saw one I liked a bit more. "I want all of my Facebook friends to comment on this status about how you met me. But, I want you to lie. That's right. Just make stuff up. After you comment, copy this to your status so I can do the same..."

And boy, oh boy, am I getting some doozies of a response. The longest and most thought provoking (naturally) was from my cousin Inkling. Others have been a bit shorter but just as laughter inducing...including a friend who claims to have been a male escort I hired in NOLA.

I suggest you give it a whirl on your FB page & see what you get. Or just try it out here...tell me a story about the two of us. You and me. A make believe adventure. A tall tale. A giant lie.

Tell me something good...and less than truthful.


Inkling said...

It was so fun to do that (and that's the honest truth), that I wanted to call you right away and chat about it. But of course your phone line was busy. If I ever get rich, or even mildly financially comfortable, I'm buying you two lines - one for your internet and everybody else, and a little red phone with a line just for me to get through. And when it rings, you can tell your children that it's like the president is calling you and they must behave. Would they be quiet if Obama really called? Hmmm... now there's an idea.....

sarah at secret housewife said...

I remember the day we met as if it was yesterday.I was travelling in Italy,going from village to village learning the secrets of Italian cookery.I was sitting on the terrace of a little restaurant in Tuscany, looking out over the vineyards, sipping a cool glass of spumante. It had been a long shift, making pasta,chopping herbs. You walked up the dusty path from the field, your watercolour box slung over your shoulder nonchalantly and I knew instantly that we would be friends. I think it was your easy smile, the way you sighed as I passed you a glass of the cold wine and the silent satisfaction we shared in the warmth of the Autumn sunshine.Mmmmm.... that was a good day, the first of many. xx