January 2, 2011

And I've never been to Boston in the Fall.

Some of my favorite Monty Python inspired talking vegetables are the dudes from Veggie Tales. They tell Bible stories with a twist and sing silly songs. I promise, they're well worth the watch.

This is one of my favorites.

While laying awake far too early one morning this week, I began to think of things I have never done. Much like Larry, Pa Grape, and Mr.Lunt, I have never been to Boston in the fall. But I would love to go sometime.

Here is a short list of things I've never done:
  • I have never flown. Anywhere. On any type of air travel conveyance.
  • I have never been out of the country.
  • I have never been west of Saint Louis, MO, east of Washington, D.C., north of Detroit, or south of Orlando.
  • I have never broken a bone (not all of these are things I'd like to do).
  • I have never driven a tractor.
  • I have never worked in retail.
  • I have never watched a single Saw, Exorcist, Halloween, or Predator movie (and never intend to).
  • I have never had measles.
  • I have never met a celebrity.
  • I have never been skiing, water or snow.
  • I have never been ice skating.
  • I have never willingly ridden a fair/amusement park ride that goes in circles. I did ride the tilt-a-whirl once but it was completely against my will & I vomited an hour later.
  • I have never been tattooed.
  • I have never mowed an entire yard on my own.
  • I have never pulled a fish off a hook...but I can bait my own hook.
  • I have never been arrested.
  • I have never gotten a speeding ticket.
  • I have never served on a jury.
  • I have never purchased a computer.
  • I have never been house hunting.
  • I have never downloaded a song.
  • I have never bungee jumped.
  • I have never hitch hiked or picked up a hitch hiker (aren't you proud of me?).
  • I have never been to a High School Reunion.
  • I have never slept out under the stars.

Maybe next time I'll tell you some things I have done.


Queen Mother said...

you met Gordon from Sesame Street.

Layla said...

Ah, you've got me wondering what I haven't done. I never stop to think about what I haven't done, just what I'd like to do (at that moment, then it changes two days later). I love your list. You really must never break a bone. After spending the last 8 weeks in a walking cast, I don't recommend it.

sarah at secret housewife said...

love this list!It's very interesting to see the things you chose to let us see you hadn't done - if you get my drift.cool! x

Penny said...

thanks for sharing..it does give one something to think about :-)