January 8, 2011

A bright dazzling light in the midst of the fog.

It's been a foggy day. Not literally, but emotionally. It's too cold to venture out for long. There's not much to do around the house that doesn't take effort I don't want to put in (I know, I'm at fault here). There's been a lot of crying and fighting and bickering amongst the FarmHands. Husband and I have been testy with each other. We've just not been at our best.

But there was one moment that made me remember why this is all worth it.

BabyGirl was invited to a swimming/birthday party next Sunday. She's over the moon about it. Bitsy is neon green with envy. Bitsy had a complete come apart this afternoon when her sister was trying on swim suits.

"Why me not go to da party?! Why me not go swimming? Why me have these bumps? Why B.B. not say sorry to me for giving me these bumps? Me never get a go swimming in my life! When Daddy put up our pool? When me go swimming?" She bawled and wailed and sobbed for a full 30 minutes.

I'm not mean. I promise. This party is for 4th graders. A 3 year old would not be welcome. Besides she's still sporting a healthy sprinkling of molluscum contagiosum and that doesn't need to be shared via public swimming pools. Bitsy simply cannot go. And she is broken hearted about it.

During this meltdown, Bitsy insisted on trying on one of her swim suits. I didn't know what was going on until she was already clad in bright pink Lycra and insisting that she needed to swim. When I said it was too cold to swim, the meltdown hit a record high. I hoped feared she's slip into a tantrum induced coma.

Suddenly BabyGirl piped up with a brilliant (if rather obvious) suggestion. "Can she go swimming in the bath tub?" Bitsy was thrilled with the idea and jumped at the opportunity. If BabyGirl hadn't seen the obvious answer past the screaming & crying, we might still be trapped in the never ending cycle that is a determined 3 year old.

And momentarily, the fog broke and the sun shone through.

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Anonymous said...

WTG Baby Girl..and Bitsy I feel your pain..But perfect your strokes in the bathtub for when Daddy does put up the big pool you'll have it mastered and ready to outdo the big kids.