January 19, 2011

Amazing little buggers, aren't they?

Some how my children have avoided the multiple rounds of stomach bug, strep, and flu that have ravaged their school since the beginning of the school year. I do not understand how this has been accomplished in a house hold of 6, but it has & I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I am one to feed it apples and ask it if it would like to live in the kitchen.

Today that all changed. B.B. woke up winy & irritated. He only at 4 bites of breakfast, cried that he was tired, and ended up laying in the hall way when he was supposed to be brushing his teeth. A quick check showed a low grade fever and he complained of a head ache. He spent the day laying on the couch watching TV and playing Wii.

#1 Son called me from his bus driver's cell phone as they were boarding the bus to ask if I could come pick him up. He said his stomach hurt & he was sure he had a fever since B.B. had one. The bus driver told me he looked OK (not pale or flushed) and that she thought he'd be alright riding the bus home. When he got home he decided he was just hungry and not really sick.

Currently the boys are battling for the safety of the Republic on Lego Star Wars while we all wait...and wait...and wait for BabyGirl to finish her home work. I am amazed that my children have been able to unlock levels on this video game. I'm pretty sure it has happened almost entirely by accident...all 4 times. If you watch them play, they haven't the foggiest idea what they're doing but some how they accomplish things anyway. Kind of like our government.

Bitsy, on the other hand, has lost her little mind. She has decided that she is in charge of everything, including (and especially) her siblings. They don't take too well to being bossed by someone so...short. She's also attempting to starve herself. Every time someone or something gets within 5 feet of her food, it is suddenly inedible. Lilly May & Buddy Joe were under the kitchen table today while she was eating lunch. That made her steak "yucky" and she couldn't possibly eat it. 2 days ago, #1 Son breathed near her bowl & she couldn't bear to touch one more bite. I may have to build her a plastic bubble to eat in. It's got to be cheaper than buying all this food.

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