December 25, 2010

Let's Share

You tell me something lovely and I'll tell you things I've recently discovered. Deal? OK, go.

Wait, this isn't working quite the way I'd planned. Um...let's see. OK, I'll share some things then you can leave me lovely comments. Deal? OK, I'll go.

Thing #1- Christmas is still Christmas even if you have left over Chowder for dinner. Or pancakes and bacon for dinner. Or Chex mix for lunch. I decided to save myself the trouble of cooking a big dinner when everyone would just throw a fit & demand hot dogs instead. And you know what, I couldn't care less. A huge family dinner would be nice, but it's not necessary.

Thing #2- Despicable Me is hilarious. And Ramona and Beezus made me laugh, too. Kids' movies in general make me happy. I think I'll switch genres tonight & watch the A-Team, though. I need to see something explode.

Thing #3- I can pick out awesome gifts if you're a 3 year old or 9 year old girl. Especially if you've been convinced you're not getting the Moxie Girl you asked for 6 months ago. I wish I could have captured BabyGirl's face on film this morning as she opened her gifts. She rarely shows excitement, but she was bursting at the seams this morning. And your 3 year old will probably like the $5 gift more than anything else you bought her...except for her Pillow Pet.

Thing #4- My house isn't really big enough for RC Monster Trucks. But that's not going to keep my husband from getting them for the boys or keep my boys from ramming them into the furniture until they're put away for a nicer day when they can go outside.

Thing #5- As much as I hate being snowed in, I really love looking out the window and singing White Christmas with my daughter as the fat flakes float down.

Thing #6- Your husband getting you exercise stuff for Christmas does not always mean he thinks you're fat. Sometimes it just means he listened & wanted to surprise you. I got Zumba for our new Wii...and I love it.

Thing #7- I do not hate Justin Beiber. Which is good since BabyGirl will be listening to his acoustic CD for the next month straight.

Thing #8- Pfefferneuse do not survive long in my house. Especially not when my little brother comes to visit.

I hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas. God bless us, everyone.


M McCarthy said...

Chez mix for lunch sounds great!

Penny said...

I enjoy your blog because it takes me back to when my boys were small..I agree that simple meals at holidays are the best..hubby's kids requested nachos for today's lunch!! it was perfect...thursday we had to run all over Indianapolis looking for the doll that #1 granddaughter had requested that mommy couldnt find and she didnt tell grandma about it until then...we found the doll and it was amazing seeing her eyes light up! she was so happy and it was just so much fun...enjoy your kids, they do grow up so fast..I know that is cliche, but it is just so true..but one thing about grown kids is grandkids! and we are getting number 5 in August! and I'm as excited about that as I was when the first one was born almost 5 years ago!

Layla said...

They make Zumba for Wii? I need this.

Merry Christmas to you and your fam!

Inkling said...

1. I have a lovely mother's helper. She is ten years old and very mature for her age. She was an extra in the Ramona movie, which I believe was filmed in Vancouver. I think it is even lovelier that I don't have to pay her as much as she makes in the movies.

2. Salt is lovely.....except when you use too much. And is not lovely. But husbands who eat your food anyway and don't complain are lovely.

3. A day at home inside filled with hanging out, playing with toys, coloring, playing a homemade xylophone, and taking a family nap are all lovely things.

4. Getting your cousin with "Christmas Gift!" as an honoree member of the G-ma R club is lovely, especially when EVERYONE else in the family gets you first, including your husband who thought setting the clocks ahead three minutes was a clever way to win this year.

5. Having your toddler think it's great fun to say "cheers!" is lovely.

6. Having your toddler think those nasty hershey kisses are even yummier than the Trader Joe's chocolate orange you got him is especially lovely, considering that means you can now help yourself to his Christmas chocolate.

7. Having you for a cousin is lovely. Dreaming that you'll one day get to fly here for a visit and that you'll even get a passport to do that is especially lovely, even if it is just a dream.

zann said...

Merry Christmas dear farmwife. Here are my little list of lovelies.
1. I ate so much yesterday that I don't really think we need lunch or dinner today, we'll just live off the sustenance we gained yesterday.

2. I'm so glad to hear Despicable Me is good, can't wait till it comes up on our Netflix cue.

3. Having a white Christmas is well and good but having a white, too tretuous to drive day after Christmas is not my idea of fun. I had friends from out of state in to visit and now unless the roads clear by lunch we won't get to see them.

4. figuring out how to get your most current blog posts to show up on my yahoo homepage has made it much easier for me to become an avid reader again.

5. Hearing your two year old make her own one-girl-band out of the instruments her Nana and Grumpa got her for Christmas is loud but lots of fun.

Kork said...

Priceless! Just getting caught up, and my Lovely List goes something like this:

1 - the kids sleeping in past 7 on Christmas morning was LOVELY!!!! :D

2 - seeing Captain's eyes when he saw his Lightning McQueen bike come around the corner, and then his face when he realized that no snow meant he could actually RIDE IT THAT DAY!

3 - Seeing Princess of Everything's face as she learned that she gets to take "dancing cwass at the dancin' school" courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa.

4 BB's surprise and tears as he opened his Stanley #55 hand plane.

What was NOT lovely was watching my mom tear up at her gift...not because I don't enjoy getting her something special that touches her, but because only ONE of my brothers had gotten something. Of the 3 of them, NONE were in town, and only the one who purchased a gift called. No cards, nothing. Needless to say, that was very UN-Lovely...

I'm glad to be home, and am wishing some of your snow would head our way...sigh...somehow, it being 60 in December is WRONG!

Diana said...

my family loving me absolutely is lovely.
everyone understanding that i am weak and needy and thus everybody got me a present of some kind was beyond lovely.
no matter how much i cry, they understand. that is so lovely.
knowing i am wanted somewhere is beyond lovely.
i get to spend new year's eve with Lydia. if it can't be with Justin, i am thrilled it is Lydia. nah-nah-nah-nah-nah! that is lovely, too.
despite losing everything, i haven't lost my ability to appreciate the little things (like chilled shrimp and dad's chex mix and my awesome new ducks) these are a few of the lovely things for me.