December 8, 2010

The high price of art.

BabyGirl is in fourth grade. At our school that means she can join beginning band. I've always wanted my kids to play an instrument. I never learned and would love for them to have that opportunity. The music store rep is going to be at school next week to help the kids pick out an instrument. They can set us up on a rental program for an instrument to see if the kids like them.

I sent a note to the music teacher asking about prices and available instruments. She sent me some links so I could check them out. All I can say is, "WHA??" I know instruments are not cheap. I was not living under a delusion that we'd pay $75 and BabyGirl would own her very own clarinet, but never did I suspect that a flute could run us $1,400-$1,800. That's more than I paid for my first car....almost double.

There are a few options available that I need to look into, but at the moment, things are not looking good.


FiestyblueeyedArmyWife said...

Try First Act, you see them in Walmart with the drums and such. That's where we got Katie's flute and it was $150 then. It's been a few years, but not enough to send them that high.

Kork said...

it is crazy that a "quality" instrument for a 10 year old should cost that much...ummmm...what if they don't like it????? Then you're stuck with it and feel like you have to force them into it to get your dollar's worth, because you know you can't sell it for near that much "used".

I will tell you that my folks told us that once we decided to do it, we had to do it for the school year - we COULD NOT QUIT and they made us practice each and every day.

Good luck and praying that she picks something small to store like the flute or maybe you should direct her to percussion - you don't have to have a drum set at home in beginning band!

Inkling said...

There has GOT to be a rental place near you where it wouldn't cost more than $20 a month. And surely they have grant programs or something so that the kids who want to participate are able to. It doesn't make sense at all that it would cost that much in your area. No one would be able to participate if there weren't other options. Crazy! Keep us posted on what you find.

Penny said...

look on they have musical instruments all the time. they might need spruced up some, but I bought a clarinet there...and it plays great!