December 3, 2010

Christmas, Christmas time is near....

Time for toys and time for cheer. We have plenty of both, although I have yet to purchase a single gift. Yup, December third and I have NOTHING. It helps that we really only buy for our kids & HT, and our kids don't get a huge haul....but it would be nice to have a few things stashed away. Every year I hit the month of September thinking, "I'm going to start picking up one or two things each week & get it over with." But it never really happens that way.

I could shop for BabyGirl & Bitsy all day long. Everything I see I think, "Oh, the girls would love this!" But buying for the boys is like pulling teeth. I have no idea what to get. They're boys. They can only own so many action figures and matchbox cars.

Today I got my table cloth, some window clings for the kids' rooms, and tins to fill with Pfefferneuse for the teachers this year. Last night, A Starry Night popped by and surprised me. She had promised to help put up my new tree. She & IT Superguy (formerly known as NM) were having dinner with his folks last night after IT Superguy climbed down out of his deer blind. It's so nice having a grown up around to help with the tree & visit with not to mention another person to wrangle my kids when needed. Between the two of us we got the tree up & the lights on (a job that makes me dizzy every year).

After she left, the FarmHands and I put up the tinsel and ornaments finishing shortly before bed....and before I quit being able to breath through my nose. Decorating for Christmas always causes an allergy attack for me. It tends to put a damper on my Christmas spirit. But I am determined to prevail.

It doesn't seem like an uphill battle any longer. I have found my Christmas Cheer.

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