November 3, 2010

Pennies, Blankets, and the World of Bitsy

B.B. came home from kindergarten today with a small piece of paper that had his name & today's date printed on it. A penny was taped to the paper as well. When I asked him about it he said, "I found that on the playground so I turned it in to Miss Jill (the school secretary)." If they find a small amount of money & it's not claimed at the end of the day the child that turns it in gets to keep the money.

I love that he was so concerned about someone losing money that he turned in a penny. Most kids would have pocketed it & not thought twice about it. I would have.

Bitsy & I spent the afternoon with A Starry Night after dropping Husband off at the body shop. He was picking up Babe. She had a loose body panel that had to be reattached. Since we were in town & had nothing to do with our afternoon, Bitsy & I decided we needed some Girl Friend time with Starry Night. It was fun. A Starry Night is determined to wiggle her way into Bitsy's good graces in any way possible. Today it was with candy & yarn.

She made Bitsy a hat a few weeks ago & today she let Bitsy pick out yarn to make more hats & scarves to go with her winter coat. By the time we left, Bitsy had dug 4 skeins of yarn out of Starry Night's yarn bag & petted them, stacked them, and loved on them repeatedly. I told her I was going to buy her yarn for Christmas. Bitsy replied, "OK, Mom. Me like tiny yarn. It soft."

We beat the big kids home by about 10 minutes. Then we all packed back up & headed to Uncle E's to see Ray-ray. Bitsy had 2 of her old baby blankets & we decided Ray-ray needed them. They're both farm themed blankets & Ray-ray is all about the farm & country stuff. Bitsy told Ray-ray the blankets are for when she gets married and has babies. She said Ray-ray can have 2 babies since we gave her 2 blankets. Ray-ray laughed & said, "What if I want more than 2 babies?" Bitsy thought about it for a minute then told Ray-ray she could have 3 babies & we'd buy her one more blanket at the store.

For the record, Ray-ray is not pregnant. She's not getting married. She's only been seeing her boyfriend for a few months....but Bitsy is prepared. She's thinking ahead & making sure everyone is on the same page...her page.

In other news, I think 3 out of 4 FarmHands may be losing their voices...this could be fun.


needlefingers said...

I am in full support of Bitsy loving yarn. It's a most-desirable characteristic in one so young. :)

Anonymous said...

Caleb brought home the same little piece of paper with a nickel taped on it. He took it to Jill too another boy did too. They are rich! lol