October 31, 2010

Because, once again, everyone cares what I think about everything.

Thursday was the finale of Project Runway....and can I just say....Why?!

What was the point in watching x number of weeks of fashion competition just to have the judges hand the prize over to the most matronly, over done, blah of a designer of them all. Gretchen's entire collection made me think I was watching a revival of Woodstock filmed entirely on sepia film. It was 1973 meets a design student recently home from vacation in Central America.

It was boring. It was ugly. It was disappointing.

I think Nina & Michael have been drinking the kool-aid a little too long.

If this is the direction fashion is going to take, I think I'll go back to Grunge. It has similar shapes & looks more comfortable.

Mondo, I'm so sorry you lost to Gretchen. That was a travesty. Oh, and would you care to make me a pencil skirt? Thanks so much.

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