November 7, 2010

I've been thinking...

I'm afraid some big points have been left out of today's wedding vows. I think a few things should be added for anyone considering a trip down the aisle.

  • I promise that if/when the zombie apocalypse occurs and you get infected, I will put you down in the most immediate & humane way possible unless of course an antidote is readily available...and I expect you to do the same to me.
  • I promise to explain the rules to any game/sport I happen to be watching/in-to without laughing at you...for example when you ask, "What does fourth and inches mean?" will not induce me to roll on the floor & laugh or roll my eyes at you.
  • I promise to pay attention to the brands you use so that when you send me to the store to purchase _____________ (insert favorite brand of tampon, deodorant, toothpaste, or tomato sauce), I will be sure to come home with the right stuff.

And I think there should be an entire addendum just for Netflix and movie dates.

  • I promise to swap out movie types fairly. One action flick for you, one rom-com for me. One Zombie movie for you, one psychological thriller for me.
  • I promise not to commit Netflix Adultery*...unless of course I'm stuck home sick with nothing to watch...or I'm really, really bored.
  • If I do commit Netflix Adultery I promise not to mail back the DVD's before you've had a chance to watch them.
  • And if I do commit Netflix Adultery, I promise not to give away what's going to happen in the episodes you've missed in what ever series we're watching.

*Netflix Adultery is when one spouse watches episodes ahead of where the couple is in a rented television series without the other spouse present.

1 comment:

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

The whole Zombie part is so important! I have no clue why it's been left out all these years "in sickness and in health, except when you turn into a zombie and then I'll blow your brains out..."

Sounds about right to me!