November 8, 2010

a few tidbits to start your week.

  1. I'm sick to death of (as my friend Senior Lane says) "the bastardized bumper stickers of Calvin peeing on something or praying next to something." They may have been funny when the first ones hit the market 15 years ago, but not so much now. Let's move on, shall we? Besides, they're just tarnishing the image of my favorite tiger loving comic character. "What's the point of wearing your lucky rocketship underpants if no one's even going to see them?"
  2. I have a really hard time feeling sorry for my children when they get hurt doing something they've been repeatedly warned against. Please tell me I'm not alone in this bit of heartlessness.
  3. Husband has been mildly obsessed with the idea of Emmet & Quill (my parakeets) breeding. They've been trying pretty hard to get the job done lately, but I was sure they were too stupid/clumsy to accomplish anything. Watching them try & fall off the perch mid way through is pretty entertaining, though. Turns out Husband was right. This morning I found an egg in one of their food cups. I moved it to the nest box we put in & now we just have to wait & see. There should be 3-5 eggs in her clutch before she's done.
  4. I think I need a British to English dictionary. I'm reading The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie (whom I adore) and loving it. But occasionally I find myself hung up on phrases like, "Flexible, heavy, and, when it comes to beating off brigands and footpads, better than any purpose-built cosh." Although the books makes up for it with phrases like, "It was suddenly like discovering a family of otters in one of your shoes. If you've ever done that."
  5. I'm ready for Christmas. By 'ready' I mean not at all physically ready, but totally mentally ready. I don't even own a Christmas tree. I haven't bought a single present. I'm in no way prepared for anything Christmas related, but if someone would like to send me a DVD of White Christmas and a tin of butter cookies, I wouldn't be upset.
  6. The lack of mothers in 90% of Disney films makes me crazy! Why are all Disney mothers dead? Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Belle, Chicken Little, Jasmine, Hannah Montana, Nemo....and the ones that are alive are somehow impaired or absent like the mom in Mary Poppins & Aurora's mother from Sleeping Beauty.


Queen Mother said...

It is because the Disney mothers were all heartless.
It is a well know fact that when those stories were first penned husband did in fact take the zombie vow. They knew that heartless mothers would turn and their children must be protected.
Now you really know who really killed Bambi's mom.

Penny said...

I love reading your blog!! It makes my day to find out that I am not the only one who thinks of these radom thoughts...thank you for making my day (I'm being totally selfish!! sorry)

Kork said...

1 - totally with you! PLEASE STOP RUINING C&H!
2 - again, totally with you - just now, Capt came in crying saying how he'd just fallen off the chair he was using like a horse. Right after I told him not to. No sympathy from this mom.
3 - congrats on being a birdie grandparent!
5 - I'd send you a tin of the cookies, but I ate all mine...I'm ready for Christmas too!
6 - Because when people have a mother, there is no terrible happening in their world - they're loved, have a balanced home, and there's no need for a wicked stepmother who is jealous...whoever heard of a wicked stepfather sending his wife's daughter into the forest???? NO ONE - because the men are all smart enough to realize that if Mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy! :D