November 10, 2010

She has goals

Bitsy has decided what she wants to be when she grows up. I'm not sure how I feel about her choice of occupation. She wants to be an Exterminator. Yes, my precious, dainty, uber-girly 3 year old daughter wants to be an exterminator when she grows up. Specifically she wants to go to work for Vex Con so she can work with Billy the Exterminator.

I was watching a new episode on my DVR today & she jumped up on the couch next to me & hollered, "Mommy! Me seed dis show 'afore! Me love dis show! Me watch it all da time!" Then she snuggled in next to me to find out what Billy was going to hunt down today.

After a few minutes she turned to me & said, "Me do dat on dat show when me get big."
"Do what, baby?"
"Dat. Catch does waccoons and kill dem bees like Billy." All the wasps he kills are bees in Bitsy's book.
"You want to be an exterminator?"
"Yeah! Like Billy and dat guy on dere. Dey got 2 boys and no girls on dere. Dey need a girl. When me get big, me gonna' do dat stuff with does boys."

A few minutes later Ricky, Billy the Exterminator's brother, was on the roof of a petting zoo storage shed picking up raccoon pooh to check out what the 'coons were eating. Bitsy grabed a towel she had on her lap, covered her face and yelled, "Mommy, cover you nose! Dat poop stinks! Quick!" I told her I was pretty sure we couldn't smell the poop since it was on TV. "Oh yeah. Me forgot."

Later in the episode Billy was heading into a house to kill roaches. I do not deal with roaches. Not at all. Nothing creeps me out faster than watching those nasty little things scurry across a floor. Bitsy knows this. "Mama, Billy gonna' kill dem woaches. You not look. You not like dem woaches." Then she covered her eyes with her towel.

"What are you doing, Bitsy?"
"Me hidin' from dem woaches. Me not like 'em."
"If you're going to be an exterminator, you can't be scared of roaches."
"Me not a 'sterminator yet, Mommy. Me be one me get big. Me not be scared of woaches den. Just now."

After a few more minutes of watching she said, "When me big and me a 'sterminator, me not kill dem woaches. Me just catch da stuff like waccoons and snakes. Billy can kill da woaches."

Maybe I should start dressing her all in black now.


Anonymous said...

That's my girl. She can take grammy with her to catch the raccoons but better leave Grammy home if there is a snake involved.


Kork said...

Thank goodness you don't watch Dog the Bounty Hunter with her! :D that's funny...made my day to think of her protecting you from the woaches...hee hee..