October 8, 2010

Because I must put my two cents in on everything.

Project Runway, I fell in love with you about 4 or 5 cycles back. I even went back & watched the older seasons when I could. You make me happy with your lovely clothing and bits of drama all evenly sprinkled with words of wisdom from Mr.Gunn....and how I adore Mr. Gunn.

Mondo, I adore you & your oversized head. Your bangs were a bit off putting in the beginning, but since you keep them well styled and out of your face the majority of the time, I'm coping. Your clothing is brilliant. Your prints make me giggle. I would totally wear your high waisted Jackie Kennedy inspired pants if you sent me a pair. If you do not win this cycle there is no justice in this world.

And now for last night's debacle.

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy, did your mother never teach you about losing with grace? Have you no shame at all? Must you be such a horrible person? I hope (against all evidence to the contrary) that you're only playing to the cameras. I marvel that you had the nerve to sit in that work room, accuse someone of cheating, then try to make it out to all the other contestants that he verbally attacked you. I'm sorry, sister, but if Michael had come across the table at you I wouldn't have blamed him in the least.

Michael C., I can't say you're my favorite designer, but I do not think you deserve the flack you've been given from day one. I do not think you were out of order calling Miss Ivy a "Bossy B***h." But your designs last night were less than stellar.

Gretchen, could you just SHUT THE HECK UP? You couldn't even deal with it when you were told to learn how to take constructive criticism. You are not the be all end all of the fashion world. In fact, I wouldn't be caught dead in 90% if what you've made outside of a rest home. You are driving me up the wall and I hate your clothes. Personally, I think you should have been sent home last night instead of Christopher...especially based on the hot mess of a collection you send down the runway. Ugh. Yeah, that about sums up my feelings for you.

Christopher, I'm sorry you got sent home last night. I wasn't super keen on most of your looks, but I did really like the dress you made. I would totally wear it. The judges were more than a little harsh on you.

And finally, Heidi, could you please see a hair dresser? I realize you are a busy mom of like 12 or something & knowing you & Seal you're probably pregnant with baby #13 now, but that hair. Oh dear. That hair is killing me. You're supposed to be a fashion icon but the dull soccer mom hair is not good. I fear it's clouding your judgement. Your taste this season has been as matronly as your hair style.

That's all I have to say about that.

No wait, one more thing. Does anyone else feel like they're watching a grade school field trip when the designers are being filled out of Mood & Tim Gun gives his "Thank You, Mood" farewell greeting?

Make it work.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you facebooked you had written about this on your blog...I totally agree with everything you say, especially about Mondo. I hold my breath every episode worried that the judges will send him home for some reason which only they are privy to. And I'd like to add one more thing. Even more than Gretchen, Heidi irks me to the nth degree. I realized she had no taste in the Los Angeles season, and it has become more and more evident. Plus, she's MEAN. I would like to see her replaced but I know she's got a toehold and can't be sacked now. I just plain don't like her attitude.
Thanks so much for venting and allowing me to do the same. I think you and Mad are the only ones who ever watch and comment, and it's nice to feel I've got friends who watch as faithfully as I do.
Cate aka Nan

Mama Brown said...

I knew we would feel the same about Gretchen. She is so full of herself it hurts to watch. Love your posts!