October 7, 2010

Ask FarmWife IX: The revenge of the FarmHands

OK, so I have no idea how may episodes of Ask FarmWife I've hosted. And no, the FarmHands have yet to unleash their revenge upon me (although I expect it at any moment much like Prince Humperdink. "I always think everything is a trap. That's why I'm still alive."). But my friend Vic hit me up on Facebook again with a new question.

I thought I would answer hers and open up our celebrity manned phone lines to get your questions. OK, so there aren't really any celebrity manned phone lines, but there is a nifty little comment box that gets no where near enough use...hint, hint, hint.

Vic wants to know: Have you turned on your heat yet? Is there a certain date that you wait until? Do you bundle up as much as possible until you can't take it anymore?

Ahhh, the many tiered answer of our heat. I'm considering moving to a tropical region so we never ever have to have this argument again...but then we'd all just fight over the AC instead.

Yes I have turned on our heat a few times. Mainly in the early mornings as I'm dragging 3 out of 4 unwilling FarmHands from their cozy beds to face the day. Thus far I've flipped the thermostat back off after 15 minutes or so. I really hate buying propane, but I hate freezing in my own living room even more.

We have a fireplace in our living room so the furnace doesn't need to run full time just yet. I try to keep a fire going on the cold days so we can keep the damp & chill out of the house, but it's kind of tough to control the amount of heat with a fireplace. Yesterday, when the temperature was going to hit the upper 70's, I let the fire burn itself out. Today we haven't needed it.

The longer I can wait to turn on my heat full time, the happier I am. But I do not have a problem kicking it on to warm things up a bit if it's needed. It doesn't help that I live amongst nudists. It makes me crazy when the kids lay in the floor in their underpants crying that their cold. Put. On. Some. Clothes. Little weirdos. Ugh!

And then there's BabyGirl who tried to get me to turn on the AC when she went to bed Monday night.....it was 52 degrees outside. Yeah, that's not happening.

And now for your questions. Ask away, dear readers.

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zann said...

Do you miss the days of paper letters? I know you and I use to write via paper mail but now I find it hard to put pen to paper because I feel so busy and it is oh so much easier to read your blog or FB. But occasionally I miss the excitement of going to the mailbox and finding a letter. Do you think the post office will eventually go out of business or bankrupt? And while we are on this train of thought do you think newspapers and paper/ non-electronic books will survive?