September 5, 2010

Reverting to 12

I'm home. Not in my own home. In the home of The Queen Mother (all hail the Queen Mother) and Pa. When discussing our plans for the weekend, Husband surprised me by suggesting a trip to my folks'. Who was I to say no?

So here we are. We got in yesterday to spend the afternoon with QM. Last night she sent Husband and I out on the town while she stayed home with the FarmHands playing games, watching movies, and doing general fabulous Grandmother stuff. Husband & I ate a pizza without arguing about toppings or eating anyones leftovers. Then we went to a movie without a single animated character or Token Disney Dead Mother.

Today we're all....and by all I mean QM, Pa, Bubba, Beck, Princess, HT, The FarmHands, Husband and myself (and possibly Art & Did)....are heading to the zoo. Tonight at bed time we're going to pack up the FarmHands & head back to the farm. A short trip, but a much needed break from "real life."

Hope you're having a good holiday weekend!

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