August 16, 2010

How to break in a new van.

There are many ways you can break in a new vehicle.

You can spill your early morning half-caf, soy, no foam, mocha latte grande all over the passenger seat.

You can drop your drive-thru chili cheese dog on the carpet.

Your six year old can vomit all over the back seat.

You can loan it to a 19 year old with loose morals & hope to get it home before the week is out with a bare minimum of bodily fluids on the seats. (OK, sorry, that was a bit gross.)

Your 18 month old can have the mother of all diaper blow outs that manages to escape not only her diaper but the car seat as well.

Or, you can do just what I did on Friday & back it into a concrete post scraping the paint all the way around the corner of the driver side back bumper.

1 comment:

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Just think of it as character!

Oh, and about the bodily fluids: totally reasonable worry point! I just loaned out my favorite dress to a similar person and I'm hoping for no fluids or cigarette burns!