August 18, 2010

Pre-Dawn Junk Drawer Spelunking with FarmWife

I woke up at four o'clock this morning when Husband finally collapsed for the night. Overtime is a killer.

10 minutes later, our door opened and an LED book light was shined dead in my eyes. This did not go over well. Bitsy woke up & the girls' night light was out so BabyGirl improvised which I do not mind & find a bit impressive for a 9 year old in the middle of the night. It was the shining of her improvisation directly in my eyes at four AM that I did not find quite as impressive.

I escorted the girls back to their rooms & went in search of a new night light bulb. Thinking they were tucked safely away in my junk drawer (you all do have a junk drawer, don't you? You know, the one odd sized drawer in your kitchen that holds all the odds & ends that don't have a real home? Please tell me I'm not alone in this). Unfortunately, not only were they not in the junk drawer, but everything else we own was. In my haste, it all got pulled out & dumped on the counter top.

I finally found the bulbs in another junk drawer in another room (please do not ask how many junk drawers I have. I do not want to count). The night light was plugged back in & we all settled in to go back to sleep. It was great, except for the part where Bitsy cried & didn't want me to leave so I attempted to lay in her toddler bed with her while BabyGirl tossed & turned for a full 40 minutes before I gave up, took a very much awake Bitsy, and left the room. Because I wasn't sleeping, I figured I might as well tackle the drawer while Bitsy watched Nick Jr.

What did I find, you might ask?

  • enough birthday candles to keep us warm all winter (slight exaggeration)
  • brads (really, who uses brads except for those odd jointed paper cut outs kids make in first grade?)
  • an odd assortment of batteries
  • receipts for things I thought might need to be returned to Wal-Mart 18 months ago
  • a dime bag (OK, before you call local law enforcement it is an actual dime in a tiny zip lock bag...all I can figure is it's left over milk money I packed in someones lunch last year)
  • a lone shoe lace
  • no less than 6 tiny spiral memo books (including one full of "poetry" Art & I composed with magnets at a coffee shop years back)
  • lots of art work from #1 Son who likes to fold his pictures up & write "To:Mom and Dad Frum: #1 Son" on the outside
  • tooth picks, both in & out of the box
  • paper clips
  • the sales slip from the boys' bunk bed
  • iPod nano instructions
  • expired coupons for sun screen and cereal
  • foam craft book marks
  • a bag of dice & the instructions for playing Greed (love that game...maybe I can get Husband to play this weekend)
  • numerous scratch pads from Busha
  • a "Notes to Babysitter" note pad that I think I've used once in the 9 years I've had it...but it's a really cool little thing!
  • an assortment of foam crafts & sun catchers painted by the FarmHands in Sunday School
  • 4 pizza box labels (collect 10 & you get a free pizza)

and other odds & ends.

The collection has now been thinned out & some important things are waiting for Husband to wake up so they can be filed away somewhere safer. I know it's just a matter of time before it's all back with a vengeance, but for now, I have a neat & fairly empty junk drawer....well, one anyway.

So, what's in your junk drawer?

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Kork said...

I have 2 junk drawers in my house. One is in the kitchen for all those bread bag closer thingies, rubber bands, bag clips, and all the pieces and parts from toys that I'll try to fix at some point between now and when I feel motivated to clear it out. We have a container (an old floral vase that is heavy and square) that holds all our pens and those gift cards that you have floating around but don't want in your wallet.
The second is the top drawer of my nightstand/bedside table (whatever you choose to call it). It houses bookmarks that I can't part with for sentimental reasons, old hair ties, new hair ties, the boxes from my precious jewelry (which is where the jewelry should be kept, but we won't go there), a snazzy reading light, and all the extra buttons from any outfit I've owned since I was about 13, regardless of whether I still own said item or not. And shhh...I do still have things from when I was 13 that I still wear...

So, I guess they really aren't junk drawers...just sort of "catch the odd" drawers...