August 13, 2010

For Kork, Ang, and anyone else out there needing good furniture polish.

When I moved back to Illinois to live at Uncle Gick & Unkie Di's house, Mama gave me her glider rocker. I was living in their newly finished garage so I had more room to spread out than I had furniture to fill it with. The glider was a welcome addition.

When Husband and I started dating, he staked out his claim on my glider. That's where he sad when ever he came over. When BabyGirl was born, that's where I sat to nurse her and rock her to sleep. When we moved to the country the glider took up permanent residence in front of my atrium doors (no, I don't have an atrium...just the doors). It quickly became "Andrew's chair" when our little wiener dog laid claim to it & spent most of the last 5 years of his life sitting in his chair in the sunshine.

The sunshine that Andrew & I so loved has not done good things to my glider. In fact, the entire left side of the chair has bleached out & the wood was so dry it was starting to crack. I've used Murphy's oil soap on it, but that did little long term good.

Last night I broke out my Antique Refinishers Citrus Tree Furniture Polish and used it on the glider. Today, you'd never know one side of the chair has been sitting in near direct sunlight for the past 8 years and 5 months. Good stuff, this! I was on the phone with QM when I was working on the chair & told her she cannot have her chair back now that it's pretty again.

I will say the shipping on it was not really cheap. In fact, it cost almost as much to ship it as the polish its self cost...but it is so very worth it. Be sure you have some old, lint free cloths you don't mind parting with in the end. I don't see this oil and beeswax based polish washing out of my old dish cloths. It's also going to need a day or two to sit & soak up the goodness, but a little polish goes a long way. I highly recommend it based on what I've seen thus far.

As for cleaning my table & chairs, Aunt Silverbelle/Anita suggested Arm & Hammer degreaser. The only one I found was Arm & Hammer Essentials, Cleaner and Degreaser. It's not easy to come by either. I've ordered 2 bottles from Amazon and am hoping they'll be here early next week so I can get started. The price was great & the shipping reasonable. I'll let you know how well it works as soon as I can.

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Kork said...

thank you my dearest Farmie! I'm hopping online right now to order some - we've got an old cabinet sewing machine, a desk, not to mention I think that after I use the A&H to clean my kitchen cabinets, I'll have to use the other to make them look all pretty again - the downside to having a south-facing private living space - all my cabinets are bleached and dried out by the sun...I wonder if they have a hardwood floor formula...