July 7, 2010

Who needs Six Flags? We have carpet.

If your children are stuck in doors due to heat/rain/locust, they're driving you up the wall, they've far surpassed the reccomended less than 2 hours of television a day, you're running out of macaroni for them to glue to cardboard, and things are spiraling out of control, try shoving all the furniture in your living room to one side (or out of the room) and turn them loose.

Last night I shampooed 2/3 of the livingroom carpet, so all our furniture is living in 1/3 of it until Husband wakes up to help me drag it all back. You would think someone had installed a theme park in the empty space. The FarmHands cannot stay out of the wide open. They've rolled across the floor. They've hopped. They've jumped. They've played tag. B.B. just tried to break his own arm and ended up with rug burn on his shoulder driving a Fisher Price Little People carriage across the carpet at break neck speed.

It's making me consider going with a much more minimal style of decor in our house. I think I'll toss out anything that cannot be tucked away in their closets.

Then again, maybe not. I'm pretty sure the novelty will soon wear off. Until then, I'd better stock up on ointment to treat rug burns.

(Spell check isn't working at the moment, so you might be getting a real clue into the inner workings of my brain.)

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Queen Mother said...

when they tire of dry carpet you can add things for a nice change. ice cream, jelly, coolwhip oh the fun