July 9, 2010

Never get between a girl & her make-up

Monday, Husband had the day off work. It was too hot to spend it out of doors, so we decided to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. That involves an hour & twenty minute drive to E'ville, so it's not exactly an every day thing for us.

When we told the kids what the plan was, they flipped. Bitsy spent 10 minutes dancing in circles around the living room shouting, "Chuck Cheese! Chuck Cheese! Chuck Cheese!" Husband and I started teasing her saying things like, "Oh, Bitsy doesn't like Chuck E. Cheese. We'd better just stay home. Or we could leave her at Grandma's while the rest of us go. I'd hate to take her when she really doesn't like Chuck E. Cheese." To which she'd reply, "CHUCK CHEESE! ME LIKE CHUCK CHEESE! ME GO CHUCK CHEESE!!" and start dancing in circles again.

The FarmHands were eating breakfast, so I went to my room to get ready to leave. After a few minutes I heard a heart wrenching wail from the kitchen. I ran to see what was going on and found Bitsy face down on the linoleum sobbing.

"Bitsy Bee, what's wrong?"
"Daddy (sob) me no (sob) go (sob) Chuck Cheese (sob)."
"What?" as I scooped her up and she buried her head in my shoulder.
"Daddy me no go (sob) Chuck Cheese."
"Daddy said you can't go to Chuck E. Cheese? He was just teasing, Baby. You can go."

Then Husband walked into the kitchen, "I never said anything about her not going to Chuck E. Cheese. I just washed her face."

"Bitsy, you can go. Daddy just washed your face so it won't be dirty when we go."
"NO!! (wail, sob, wail) Me no go! (wail, sob, wail)"

Husband watched this in a state of mild what's-going-on-here shock. "All I did was wash her face. She had something sticky all over it. I don't know what it was, but it was pink. She had it smeared all over her mouth and cheeks. I could barely get it off."

That's when the light bulb went on.

"Oh no. You washed off her Chapstick. That's what this is all about."
"I didn't know what it was. It was everywhere!"

This is when Bitsy rejoined the conversation. "Yeah! Daddy wash off me lipstick (sob)! Now me no tan go Chuck Cheese (wail)! Me no make-up (wail)!"

I rocked her a bit and cooed soothing words in her ear like, "It's OK, sweetie. Mommy will get you new lipstick. Daddy didn't know you were putting on your make-up. We can fix it. You can still go to Chuck E. Cheese."

A light smear of Soft Lips applied by mom, and the sobs began to subside. If she's like this at three, what will she be like when I let her start wearing actual make-up? Oy. Better buy stock in Sephora.

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