July 27, 2010

How long does it take to recover from vacation?

More than three days, apparently.

I am flat worn out, and my vacation was 10 hours of driving and a full day less than Art's. I don't know how she's functioning. She really is amazing.

I am so glad we went, even if I didn't get much sleep. My toe nails still look fabulous after our trip to the nail salon (note to future manicurists: if you act like you're doing me a huge favor by allowing me to pay you to massage my feet, you can pretty well kiss your tip good bye....and if you get up and walk away from my friend after starting hers first, you will definitely miss out on a good tip. You may very well be in the wrong profession. You kind of have to be a people person to make a living as a manicurist....I'm just sayin'.), I have a small stack of books to keep me busy when I finish the book I'm currently on thanks to an awesome resale shop Diana took us to, and I have SNL skits stuck in my head after hours of watching them on Hulu with the girls.

But most of all, I got to spend hours talking to & laughing with Art on the first road trip we've taken together in years. I got to laugh and cry and laugh some more with Diana as she told us what a wonderful man her Justin was. I am amazed at her ability to share her feelings no matter how raw they may be. Most people, six months after the loss of a loved one would answer with a generic, "I'm fine," when asked how they are doing. Diana will tell you she's fine if she is at the moment. She'll tell you otherwise if she is otherwise at the moment. We could all be in tears one moment and laughing out heads off the next.

On the way to Diana's, Art and I stopped by Grandma & Grandpa M&M's house. This coming weekend they are moving into an assisted living apartment. That means a massive downsizing of their belongings. QM, Aunt Silverbell, and Inkling's mother had been working on packing and sorting their belongings all week. It's was really hard to see their lives and belongings reduced to what will fit in a 700 square foot apartment, but on the same hand I'm also glad things are happening the way they are.

Grandma and Grandpa will be somewhere where they will have the help they need when they need it. We don't have to worry about Grandpa falling and Grandma not being able to get him up or him having to lay and wait for someone to get to the house to help. I love the fact that Grandma and Grandpa are still here. That we are not dividing up their possessions because we've lost them. I love that they will know that the things they've worked so hard for and held so precious will be loved and cared for by those that love them.

It's been a hard week, but the blessings have far outweighed the costs.

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