June 27, 2010

Bitsy Bee, the Birthday Girl

I went to bed at 10:30 tonight. Finished reading my book & shut off my light at 10:45. I was sound asleep no later than 11 pm. Things were going well.

Then, for some unexplained reason, I woke up at 1 am. I tried, in vain, to will myself back to sleep. When my stomach began to growl & I couldn't get the same 15 seconds of some random song from Rent out of my head, I decided there were better ways to spend my night....like blogging!

Three years ago tonight, Husband was attempting to sleep on a rather uncomfortable couch (because the mattress on the hide-a-bed in said couch was j-u-n-k) and I was slipping in and out of a lovingly drug induced sleep in between nursing sessions with our brand new Bitsy.

She was such a tiny, petite, feminine little thing from the word go. Her huge blue eyes never seemed to close. Her rosebud mouth looked as if it was about to open and spill all the wonders of her busy mind. Long slender fingers and toes. Eye lashes that made me green with envy. She was amazing. All my babies were, but she held the extra wonder of being our last.

I'm so glad I knew that up front. It made those weeks when she cried non-stop a bit easier to bear. She wanted to be held with her back to your chest and your arm supporting her weight across her belly. At one point, Husband joked that he'd never be able to identify her by a picture of her face, but he'd know the back of her head anywhere.

The FarmHands were instantly smitten with her. #1 Son was remembering her birth this week. "B.B. and I didn't get to come see her in the hospital because we were sick. We had to wait till she got home. But that's OK, because we wouldn't have wanted her to get sick, too."

BabyGirl was over the moon to have a sister. No longer was it "BabyGirl and the boys." Now she was part of the "our girls" equation. That was a very tough year for BabyGirl- first grade, SPD before we knew what it was, changes galore, and BabyGirl doesn't handle change well- but I think finally getting the baby sister she'd prayed for 12 months solid made it all easier to bear.

It seems like I always knew our lives wouldn't be complete without baby number four. I was so right.

Happy Third Birthday, Bitsy, even if Mama is a bit late. I love you so very much. We all do.


Sarah said...

I cannot believe that it has been 3 years!! I can remember you being pregnant. This is a lovely post.Sarah x

Kork said...

Weren't we just sitting with Sara & Leah in the cafeteria, trying to motivate ourselves to go study for Dr. E's Psych class and laughing at that picture of you being a DOTL character??

Happy Birthday Bitsy Bee!!!! Keep making your Mama happy and proud, and don't let those big brothers push you around.