June 28, 2010

Computer Envy and The Thing.

Thursday night, I left Zumba & headed to Uncle Gick and Unkie Di's to pick up the FarmHands. They had spent the evening playing with Katie and Jamie (another cousin who's down visiting) and enjoying Uncle Gick's birthday cake for him. As I was heading down the gravel road, I noticed a car well ahead of me. When I got closer, I was thrilled (and slightly confused) to discover it was my mother. I'd talked to her twice earlier in the day & she never mentioned the fact that she was driving to Illinois. Sneaky woman.

Yesterday she came by the house and dropped off her Zune & her new laptop to see if I could fix some issues she's been having with them. I figured out what needed to be done and got to work. (Incidentally, "work" involved ripping 79 CD's into the computer to sync to her Zune. That took a few minutes.)

Now I am suffering from Computer Envy. Mama has a brand new Toshiba laptop complete with Windows 7. I have an eMachines desk top loaded with Windows Vista. Don't get me wrong, I am more than thankful for my computer. It was a gift from my parents when our old one (which was a handed down gift from Little BIL) died a few years back. But that laptop sure is nice.... *sigh*

Today I went to the doctor to have a few moles removed from my back. I can thank genetics for the moles that dot my back. I've never really been able to pull off a backless dress....and REALLY won't want to try now.

The three I wanted removed were a nuisance. There was no reason to suspect anything was really wrong with them. But before he started, I wanted Doc to check out a fourth mole QM noticed yesterday. He said that one didn't worry him, but there was a spot on my back he didn't like the looks of. I said if he didn't like it, get rid of it. "I'm not attached to any of them," I said, "except in the obvious way."

After he removed the three others, he dug into The Thing (to which it will now be referred) he wasn't too keen on. 5 stitches later, he told me to come back in 10 days & that he'd call me as soon as he knew what The Thing was.

So now I wait.

I could worry about it, but honestly, I didn't even see it, I don't miss it, and I'm not terribly concerned. I know that could change, but unless it does, I'm not going to brood over it.

But I'd really much rather have one of these Things instead:


Inkling said...

I'm not sure what I'd rather go through....the visit to your doctor, or the visit to the crazy lady at the postpartum clinic for our discharge visit today. Besides telling me to sign up for Weight Watchers (the class, not online she said), she also said that everything I was currently doing to make a difference in the world was just "current therapeutic methods" and that I should really go back to college or get a real job. I have NO idea what she was smoking or why she said those things or even why at 60-something she was wearing kelly green toenail polish. But I wanted to ask her as I was leaving, "So what is your goal with your patients when they leave you? Do you want them to leave feeling better or feeling worse? 'Cause every time I leave you, I pretty much feel worse. " She wanted to get all ceremonial on me as I was leaving since I will - God willing!!!! - never see her again. But I pretended to be the uneducated dolt she thinks I am and walked out of her office without shaking her hand.

Somehow, I think I'd rather try your doctor next time. =)

I'll be praying for you. And I'll also ask God if He can send you a really cool Thing instead of a yucky The Thing.....but only if you let me go for a ride with you. Wanna drive to Custard Cup?

Anonymous said...

yikes on the thing..And computer envy must be burning up the internet lines. I'm not liking this net book of daughters. I want my old lap top back.

Prayers that the thing isn't a thud and the news is good and heal quickly

Inkling said...

BTW, (insert your first and middle name here), you still need to add our cooking site back onto your blog roll so people can access it easily. I just added a recipe for Kork tonight. So pretty please, will you add it back, please again with sugar on top and a Jones soda on the side?

FarmWife said...

Inkling, I'm sorry!! I just realized I'd forgotten to add that link. Forgive me?

Oh, and please don't hate me when I tell you I have a pint of Lemon Custard Cup in my freezer. QM brought it back from G'ma M&M's yesterday! You really should talk Henry David into moving to the states so you can have some, too. :)