May 8, 2010

Today is gonna' be the day....

That #1 Son plays his first game of t-ball.

Actually he's already done playing. It was so much fun! We nearly froze since a cold front came through last night bringing 60 degree weather & a pretty strong wind, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

There wasn't a single instance of someone running to third base instead of first, so I guess all that practice paid off. #1 Son was the catcher first inning, covered 3rd base second inning, and hung out between 1st & 2nd base for the third & final inning. We play last batter, meaning everyone gets a chance to bat during each inning. #1 Son did a good job batting & he loved catching. I think he got a bit bored during the other 2 innings. We had to remind him a few times that he needed to be standing up, not sitting on the base line.

I've decided I need a t-shirt that says, "Proud T-ball Mom to the kid sitting on third base playing in the dirt!"

BabyGirl had a brief (but rather public & dramatic) moment when she didn't want to be there, but when I told her she could go sit with her friends, things changed. Eventually she wandered back to us & even dug into her egg money to buy herself some popcorn. Much to my surprise, she bought a bag for B.B. & Bitsy to share, too. I was very proud of her. Her Uncle Little BIL was so proud of her, he gave her a dollar so she wouldn't be out any money....that she then spent on a Dr.Pepper.

Bucka & Busha came with Uncle Gick to watch the game as did Little BIL & his wife, And Chair (as Bitsy calls her). #1 Son had his very own cheering section. Bitsy loved the game. What's not to love about sitting on old wooden bleachers, being encouraged to yell "Go! Go!" at your big brother, and eat your very own popcorn?

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Kork said...

HOORAY! I'm glad it went well, and I don't blame him for sitting down AT ALL!

I'm so proud of BabyGirl, and can't wait to hear more!