May 7, 2010

I wear my sunglasses at night.

No, I don't. That's a lie. But I wanted a catchy blog title about pajamas & that was all I could come up with.

I have a drawer (or two) full of pajamas. Lovely pajamas. Pajamas my mother has picked out just for me. Flannel for the winter, and light knits for the summer. I'm in the process of wearing them to pieces. Literally. A few pairs are falling apart. The main reason is, I don't get dressed often. Especially in the winter or when it rains.

What's the point? Changing out of my pajamas, into "real clothes" just so I can clean house & chase kids & watch TV & blog seems like a waste of time. If my husband were the kind of man who notices when his wife dresses up, fixes her hair, and wears make-up, I might put forth more of an effort. But he honestly doesn't care if I live in sweats or dresses and heels. So I figure why wash clothes that didn't need to be worn in the first place.

My questions for you are: What do you wear to bed? Do you get dressed everyday? Even if you're not leaving the house & will be having no company? Are you a matching set of pajamas kind of girl (or guy if you like) or a ratty pair of sweats kind of girl...or an au natural kind of girl?

Art would love to tell you about my pajama get ups from our days as room mates....including a white unitard, a falling apart yellowish flannel shirt, and boot socks up to my knees....but she's a liar. I would never...OK, yeah, I did.

But I've moved on. Now I only wear lovely peignoirs with matching robes and kitten heels. Oh, wait, you've already read that top part about my flannels....I don't even own a peignoir. They make me think of old Hollywood starlets. Tonight I'm wearing an old t-shirt & a pair of hand-me-down bolero pants. Earlier this week it was a tank top & a wrap skirt from Nepal. Before that I sported a t-shirt of Husband's from high school & yoga pants. I'm nothing if not eclectic in my choices.


Layla said...

A wrap skirt from Nepal? That sounds pretty dressed up to me. :)

I'm so weird... everything has to match. I wear nightgowns that could pretty much be sundresses, girl boxers (you know.. shorter, CUTER than guy boxers) and concert t-shirts. And yes, even if no one sees me all day long, even if I never leave the house, even if I'm SICK, I shower, dress, add accessories, and make the face pretty. I don't know why. If I'm ill, it makes me feel better, I guess, because I don't look sick afterward. But, you know... I don't have kidlets. That'll all change if/when I do, I'm sure.

Anita said...

My school prefers it when I get dressed before arriving. However, today for instance, I did not bathe and dress until about noon. I got up at 6:00 am , but dealt with a broken freezer and feeling awful up till then.

As far as jammies go, I prefer matching, but some nights I pull out anything clean. I have a pair of Karen Neuburger pajamas that my lead teacher bought me for Christmas and they are WONDERFUL! Too pricey to buy for yourself, but so soft and delightful.

Hey- I enjoyed your tee ball post. I can still see Joey Grayson sitting out in the outfield having a wonderful time playing with dirt and rocks. Or, Jacob Steven, asking , "Is it bleeding?" or stating, "I'M THIRSTY!"
Such fond memories!

Love you all

Penny said...

I LOVE my jammies!! I love buying them and wearing them..they have to match and 98% of the time they are pink!! I dont know why, just what I have always done...I do get dressed every day, not sure the CPA office would be the same if I showed up in my jammies, but trust me, if I did..they would be cute ones!!

Staci said...

I'm an engineer, which also leans toward conservative offices. I teleworked for a while and found that when I went shopping for work clothes I headed straight to the PJ dept at Target. It was great - for a while. After a couple of years the old self esteem was getting a bit sluggish so I ponied up and went back to the office. I telework at least one day each week, but I still make myself shower - even if I do put my PJs back on. My day just feels better that way.
But I do have some incredibly cute matching, modal cotton tops & bottoms. AND I have a beautiful not-for-my-kid's-eyes halter-topped, floor length nightgown that I gave my hubby for Christmas last year. It makes me feel so pretty!