May 29, 2010

Summertime and the living is Tech Free.

It may not technically be Summer yet, but none the less, Summertime is in full swing on the farm. The kittens are all old enough to spend the majority of their time underfoot and climbing the steps to my porch. The sheep are being sheared (slowly but surely by Husband). Sunblock is applied to four squirming bodies before they burst out the back door. Popsicles are in high demand. Band-aids are the fashion accessory of the season. Swimsuits are the wardrobe item of choice. Weeds are growing nearly as fast as the corn in our garden. Fireflies are the evening's entertainment. Food preparation happens at night, when it's the coolest, or is restricted to anything that does not involve turning on the stove. Very little time is spent indoors & then it's usually only during times for bathing, sleeping, or when it storms.

For the first time in years I've broken my No A/C before June rule. Happily. My feet are permanently tattooed in flip-flop tan lines. My toenails are painted a bright, almost shocking pink. I'm considering buying Wal-Mart out of sundresses and I am beyond thankful for the invention of clothes line.

I love summer.

And that Tech Free Tuesday business I failed so miserably at this winter? It's decided to come back with a vengeance and liberally pencil it's self into my summertime schedule. Whether I like it our not.........I like it......don't tell.


Sarah said...

Oh... sigh.... it all sounds heavenly!! Here in England it is currently drizzling and cold. I will shut my eyes and just think of you! S

FarmWife said...

Oh, Sarah, how I wish I could bottle up some sunshine and send it your way. Or better yet, bring it your way! :)