May 25, 2010

Oh to be nearly 3

I would love, for a day, for an hour, to switch places with Bitsy. To see life through her eyes. Everything is so amazing, or horrible, or exciting, or tragic. She does nothing in measured doses. It's all or nothing. And her imagination.....I cannot even begin to scratch the surface.

Today she was packing around a tiny copy of Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck and telling me all about the illustrations in it while I was folding laundry. There's a fox in the story. According to Bitsy, who's never actually sat still long enough to listen to the story, he is a bad fox and "him eat my head." A few minutes later she was hiding under the blankets on her bed, had hidden #1 Son under a blanket on the floor, and was shouting at me to hide so, "dat bad fox tan't eat yous head, Mommy!" It was terrifying in that top-of-the-roller-coaster kind of way.

Shortly before this began, she put herself in time out because I caught her licking the toothpaste out of my tube of toothpaste. "Me sit time out chair a'cause me lick Mommy's toof-pase." Her time out chair was her dad's pillow propped up in the bathroom doorway.

Last week, she got mad at me because I told her she couldn't have a popsicle. Her response? She pulled down her pants & yelled, "Me nakkie. Me nakkie," and made an angry face at me. I'm not sure why she thought it would help, but her being naked did not spurn me into a sudden need to pass out frozen confections.

As we were getting ready for Bucka's birthday party last week, I told her Uncle Right Rev was coming. He & Aunt Kay live in Florida. She said, "No. Right Rev no come. Him tickle my toes." I called Busha to tell her, knowing she'd get a good laugh. Bitsy said Aunt Kay could come, but not Uncle Right Rev. Busha told her Aunt Kay can't travel by herself (due to some health issues) and Bitsy said, "Aunt Beck go get her." Later she decided Uncle Right Rev could come, but she wasn't going to take her shoes off in his presence.

While we were eating lunch today, she told me she can spell her name....A-P-8-9-10. Well, she does have an A in her name.

Last winter, she decided I was sick, so she got her Fisher Price doctor's kit & gave me a check up. My temperature was 2-3 o'clock. So was my blood pressure. It was bad. I had to have 6 shots in my finger tips. It was touch & go for a while, but eventually Dr.Bitsy got me through it all.

My life is so boring in comparison.

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