April 26, 2010

Deep Breath in.....

Hold it....and Exhale slowly.

Tomorrow we enter the world of competitive sports. T-Ball to be precise. This is our first foray into team sports. #1 Son decided to play this summer.

Actually it started a few months ago when Husband picked out ball gloves, bats, and balls for the three oldest FarmHands. I was unexpectedly caught up in a swirl of tee-ball, summer, ball diamond, pitch & catch, so much fun, wait 'til we can play, etc., etc., etc. Silly me thought he planned on signing the kids up for summer leagues.

The kids & I discussed it when they brought home the info sheets from school. Husband was suddenly unsure. I was confused. I thought that was the entire point of all the goodies purchased. Turns out, he was thinking more of playing at home than playing on a real team. In the end, #1 Son was the only one who really wanted to sign up & play. B.B. decided he'd watch this summer & possibly play next summer. BabyGirl flip flopped so many times, we decided she should spend a summer watching as well.

Tomorrow is #1 Son's first practice. One hour at the ball diamond at school to meet his team (mainly kids from his class & the kindergarten class), meet his coach (the mom of one of his buddies), and collect our schedule for the season.

I never played team sports. To be honest, baseball bores me to death. But #1 Son needs an outlet. He needs to participate in something with other kids his own age. He needs to see that you cannot expect to be perfect at everything the first time you try. He's a bit sensitive & gives up entirely too easily. I'm hoping the sight of his class mates missing a catch or not hitting the ball each & every swing will be enough to instill that in him.

Maybe I'm expecting too much. I am hoping to see at least one child run to third base instead of first. I know that's not too much to ask.


Kork said...

prayers for a wonky first practice session, so #1son sees that perfection doesn't just happen, and is never truly reached, but you can work hard to get closer and closer to it each day!

We're thinking of what to do with Captain Chaos...tee-ball, football, golf, swimming, or should we just buy him a "real" bike...oy! I think he's going to be our chess team boy while DG is our athlete...#3 remains unknown as yet, but she's only not-quite 6 weeks old, so we're cutting her some slack...but you can bet that by week 8, she'd better be up to speed on her calculus! :D

Momma Bear said...

Be prepared you may be starting something wonderful, awful, exhausting; as a mom of 4 almost grown boys(when did that happen) I have been to and participated in most every sport known to man. Enjoy and be positive, he may only run to third once (or twice) but the day he runs into the runner in front of him or passes him, now that's funny!!