April 1, 2010

I know you've been worried

But fear not, dear readers, I am still here. The weather this week has not been conducive to blogging. Neither has my nap schedule. I'm having issues sleeping at night, so I've been crashing out in the mid-afternoons of late.

I promise I did not forget that I opened up the phone lines for another installment of Ask FarmWife, so here goes:

Kork starts us off with a potty question. I'm practically the patron saint of potty training, so this one is a breeze. Why is it that a 4-year-old boy can suddenly "forget" how to go poop in the potty?

Yeah, I have no idea. What I want to know is how a 5 year old boy can suddenly "forget" how to wipe his own butt. I think it all boils down to that age old adage about little boys. They're gross.

In reality I should spout something insightful about how Capt. is probably reverting to a younger stage to get more attention now that he has a new baby sister to compete with (and she gets lots of attention by pooping in her pants), but I'm going to stick with my "Boys are gross" theory.

She also wants to know: Are boys somehow less equipped than girls to play by themselves?

I'm not sure that's really the case at our house, but then, I'd never really know if it were. BabyGirl was first, so #1 Son always had someone to play with. And then 15 months later, B.B. arrived, so there's really not much alone time around here. B.B. does have issues playing alone when Bitsy is napping & the big kids are still at school, so maybe that is true. And maybe it's a first born thing. He had Mom & Dad to himself for a (short but important) period of time & now he has to share attention with 2 girls. Not only do girls have cooties (it's a scientific fact, just ask Ryan. He knew a guy once who was touched by a girl & his face melted off....OK, I'm sorry....it's just this strange person on Facebook who has the same friends I do although I've never met him & we have an ongoing argument about girls & cooties that takes place on other people's status updates), but they steal your parents & get cuter clothes.

Needlefingers ends our questions with ponderings about her future. What do I want to be when I grow up? Because I have no idea, and I was kind of hoping you would. :)

I'm all over this one. You want to open a yarn/book store & call it Gathering Wool. You can surround yourself with fabulous fibers, needles, patterns, dies, spinning accessories and the like as well as good literature. Then you can spend all day teaching newbies to knit, reading the latest & greatest, and gather ideas for the novel you can work on during slow times (not that you'd ever have slow times with that fabulous of a shop). And you can hire me to work for you when Bitsy starts kindergarten. Oh, and it should have a coffee/tea bar for refreshments. I'll learn to make Biscotti for you to sell.

Next time, on an all new Memoirs of a FarmWife: How to build a wooden play structure for your children in a few simple steps.

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Cool! Where are we going to have it?