March 28, 2010

Happy (sort of) anniversary to us

13 years ago today, FarmBoy asked me if I'd like to go on a date. I'm really glad I said yes.

To celebrate, we took the FarmHands to see How to Train Your Dragon. OK, so taking the kids to the movies really had nothing to do with our anniversary. In fact, I forgot the date until Husband reminded me after we left the theater. I thought today was the 27th. Oh well.

The kids loved the movie. I thought it was pretty good myself....but I may have been a bit more excited about the previews. Toy Story 3 & the fourth (and final?) installment of the Shrek series. I'm really only 8 years old inside. fart. Can't even tell which one since Buddy Joe is under the table at my feet & Lilly May is laying behind my chair.

I'm looking forward to this week. The Weather Channel's website is promising me sunshine & warming temperatures. I need both. If I don't get it, is there someone I can write a letter of complaint to?

To start this new week off, I think I shall open up the lines at the Ask FarmWife hot line. What are you pondering this week?


Kork said...

why is it that a 4-year-old boy can suddenly "forget" how to go poop in the potty?

Are boys somehow less equipped than girls to play by themselves? I ask because Captain is currently sprawled on my clean laundry (rectified now) while DG is playing happily with her "jungle" and singing Happy Birthday to the animals at the Litt.le Peop.le Zoo.

Terri said...

Happy sort of anniversary then!

I'm QUITE excited about the next Shrek movie. My daughter and I are big ogre fans. :o)

needlefingers said...

How about this for Ask Farmwife:

What do I want to be when I grow up? Because I have no idea, and I was kind of hoping you would. :)

And congrats on your anniversary! I remember being rather giddy then myself. :)