March 19, 2010

One more time!

Yet another installment of FarmWife answering your most pressing questions. You are simply tingly with excitement, aren't you? You can tell me, I promise not to spread it around....much.

Ordinary Sarah says: I'm on the hunt for the perfect capris and sandals for this summer. Help me, FarmWife!!

Aren't we all, honey? Last summer I snagged a pair of wedge like brown flip-flops with really cushy soles & cannot wait for it to get warm enough for me to expose my toes. I found them at Wal-Mart. Really hoping they have the same ones out this year. I need a pair in black...and pink...and green....OK, enough of that. I think Sarah needs some pink, supergirly sandals/flip flops to celebrate the birth of her little pink bundle of squishy Sunshine (Seriously, pictures of her baby make me want to bury my face in baby neck folds).

As for capris, I'm really loving these right now. One thing I've noticed is that a flair at the bottom of a capri can make your legs look oddly bell shaped. Stick with a straight leg or a more fitted style...why would you need your capris to be boot cut anyway?

But if you want to look a bit classier, a bit less frazzled mom & a bit more hot mom on the go, I'd pick these. Super cute! I think Stacey & Clinton would approve.

Inkling, who asked me 7 questions, will finish out this post with a few. The first being: How is it that children can survive on small amounts of food, still sport those round tummies, and not feel the need to eat the food you laboriously prepared? How do they not simply waste away?

I'd love to know the answer to this one myself since B.B. has decided he currently hates everything except Go-gurt, Coco Puffs, and Pop Tarts. Somehow he channels this complete lack of nutrition into massive amounts of energy (sugar induced, possibly), a super fast learning curve, and an ability to bounce back from surgery with lightning fast speed.

I think it may relate to the fact that pregnant women can gestate fully formed babies while surviving solely on Mars bars, Coke, hot dogs, onion rings, and Salisbury steak TV dinners.

Next she asks: Why is it that I've suddenly found it nearly impossible to get out of my pajamas before 4 p.m.? Do you have this problem too, or am I just odd all by myself?

It may be genetic as I'm having the same problem. But if I'm truly honest, I rarely get out of my pajamas at all. Unless we're going outside to play, I rarely leave the house, so I figure why get dressed & add to the already overflowing pile of laundry my family generates? I do get dressed to go to town or if we're expecting company....but it's not unusual for me to strip off my PJ's, shower, and climb into a fresh pair. If Husband were the kind of man who noticed what a woman wears, or how she looks, things might be different. I sometimes wonder if he'd notice if I cooked dinner in a prom dress.

And finishing up for today: If you could participate in any Olympic winter sport, what would it be and why?

Keeping warm. That's an event, isn't it? I really don't do anything that involves snow or ice, so I think I'm pretty much out of the running for Olympic gold...but the curling team is more than welcome to come practice in my kitchen. I figure all that sweeping needs to be put to better use.

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