March 21, 2010

FarmWife Answers the rest of your questions

Wow. I can't believe it's taken me most of the week to finish up answering your questions! This has been so much fun, and this won't be my shortest post this week.

Inkling wants to know: If you were going to make up an OPI color's name, what would it be?

I need a purplish/brown color to hide the dirt stains that get under my fingernails all summer long (not to mention the stains from peeling apples, picking greenbeans, shucking get the drift) and I think it should be called FarmWife's Garden Party. I'd wear that.

And her final query: If you were going to have a surgery again for any reason, what drugs would you request to aid your recovery (or at least make you forget that you are a mother with dishes to wash and laundry to do and noses to wipe upon recovering)?

I know there are some really good drugs out there that can keep your pain at bay. When I had Bitsy, the anesthesiologist gave me some kind of time released morphine based drug that I think was put in with my spinal block (not really sure about this one as most of that morning is a bit of a blurr). He said it would kick in just as my spinal was wearing off (after about 4 hours) and keep the pain down for 24 hours. It must have been good stuff. After B.B. was born, I was in a drugged haze for 24 hours & still suffering. After Bitsy was born, I had grilled cheese for lunch & a steak for dinner....sitting up on the bed.

I know I liked Vicoprophin after having my wisdom teeth out. I really liked it. It made me fuzzy and warm and happy. I know I hated Lortab when I had an abscessed gum. It made me queasy.

Ang asked a few: What is your weekly "grocery" budget for your brood?

I don't really have a set budget. I'm not sure that's a good thing. But recently I've been trying to tighten our belt a bit. I don't do separate grocery & necessity trips. I make one trip to town a week & have to come home with a 40 lb bag of dog food for the outside dogs and a 50 lb bag of multi-species stock feed for the rest of the critters along with our toilet paper, toothpaste, dryer sheets, etc., and food for the week. I work really hard to keep all that under $200 a week. Lately I've been doing a pretty good job. I hope I can keep it up.

Has BB's run improved from penguin status?

Oh yes! I think the penguin waddle was pretty well gone after the end of his first week. Thursday night the last of his steri strips came off & Friday night he lost his last stitch. Come Wedensday of this week, all his restrictions are lifted. He's been running & jumping about like a monkey for the past week. He goes back to school on Monday (much to his chagrin). He has recovered very, very well. We have to go back to see his surgeon on April 9th for his post-op & I'm hoping we can then put this entire chapter behind us.

And her last question: What is the latest thing you've done to make yourself a "hot momma"?

I actually saved this question for later in the week because Friday I cut about 4 inches off my hair & colored it a bit darker. I've got a layered bob & I'm pretty sure I like it. I'm not quite sure I love it. The stylist did a great job. She gave me the exact cut I asked for, so it's not a technical issue. It's a taste issue. I think next time I may go with a graduated bob instead. But even if I don't love my new do, it has helped me feel a bit more like a hot mama than a ponytailed baby sitter.

Kork finishes up the questions this time with: Ummmm...if the world of Facebook suddenly blew up, and was not ever going to come back to life, what would you do with all your newfound free time?

First of all, I'd have to be put in a chemically induced coma until I stopped suffering from withdrawals. Then I might start sewing more. I haven't really made anything lately, but that's more because of the craziness in my house than my Facebook addiction. To be honest, I've not spent nearly as much time on FB as I had been even 2 weeks ago. I'm only playing Mafia Wars a few times a week as opposed to everyday & I'm only logging on for a few minutes at a time. In fact, yesterday I scrubbed down the entire North side of our house instead of piddling on the computer all day. Go me!


Ang said...


Will there be more Ask Farmwife Days ahead?

Kork said...

oh, send Inkling my way! Biggest thing to do? Drink lots and lots of water in the weeks leading up to the surgery as you can (not always possible when it's an emergency, but for a scheduled deal...crucial!)

I'll bore her with details later...

And thank you for answering all our questions. I'm proud of you for getting the house clean instead of hanging out online...I'm actually jealous that my mom cleaned while I was in the stupid is that??!?!?!