March 3, 2010

Adventures in Urology

Thanks for checking up on us & the continued prayers! I know the Lord has taken care of us & I'm so very thankful for family & friends who have will lift us up to Him!

B.B. made it through surgery with flying colors. The doctor repaired 2 small hernias & the issues with his testicles (they were retractile). Dr. P was very pleased with the surgery & how Isaiah made it through.

We were away from him around 2 hours. After waking up, he vomited 3 times. The nurses said that was not unusual. The last time was as Husband was getting the truck warmed up for us. Just before we left, the nurse asked a very sleepy B.B. if he wanted a sucker. He sat bolt up right & said, "YEAH!!" Then he told me, "She's getting me a sucker 'cause I've been so good today." She also brought him some stickers, so that made it all worth his while. :)

He's currently hanging out on Aunt D's (Inkling's mom) couch, watching videos. He sent Aunt D to the grocery to get him "Popsicles with sticks in them." He scarfed down a pudding snack pack about 30 minutes ago & has kept it down just fine. We're going to take it easy here the rest of the day & head home in the morning.

Thank you all again for your prayers for us & our little man. Please keep them coming!

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