March 26, 2010

Is there a cure for Mommy Brain?

If anyone out there can tell me how to make my brain function again, I'll be your best friend.

Last night, I threw away #1 Son's Grammar homework. Didn't realize it until today when I was in his class room with him, digging through his desk looking for it.

Today I called to ask QM a specific question. Instead we talked for an hour about HT, Bitsy, and Facebook Flair. I called her back 15 minutes later when I remembered why I had called her in the first place.

I bought myself a little note book to carry with me when I go to town. It has a pocket in the front where I can carry my shopping list and any coupons I have. In it I've written down all the things I need to do in town because I can never seem to remember to drop my ancient glasses off in the box at Wal-Mart or to stop in the DMV to get Husband's tags for his truck.

I've written a few really funny blog posts in my head this week only to have someone speak to me & wipe them clean out of my mind. I feel like Scarlett O'Hara in a new bonnet....only I don't even have a new bonnet to blame. Maybe I could blame my hair cut.


You know what?

  • I think pigeons are beautiful. I know most people think they're rats with wings, but I think they're lovely.
  • I really like country music. I love songs that tell a story.
  • I do not understand this nation's fascination with Lady Gaga.
  • Dolls that pee are gross.
  • I think I need a theme song like Olivia (she's a pig...from a book...who has her own show on Nick Jr.).
  • I need to wash my hair.

See? That's all I've got. Mommy brain.


zann said...

if someone tells you the cure, please share it with me.

I have a notebook that I -try to take to town with me too... but I always forget it - I haven't figured out what to use to remind me to take the notebook with me.

-I too think pigeons are pretty they are the dove's relatives afterall.
-dolls that pee are indeed gross and they mold inside if you aren't careful,
-I don't understand the Lady Gaga thing either.
-And Olivia rocks but I don't know her theme song. Just her books.

Kork said...

I'm with Zann...if someone shares with you, please pass it along...BB would be a happier man if I was cured...

My notebook is actually a "Family Planner Calendar" (not for planning families, but for keeping things straight) and it has pockets for things like coupons and works pretty darn well, and I have to keep it in my purse at all times that it is not being written in...I have a list of's quite depressing sometimes...but what I really need is the cure for the part of my brain that forgets what I'm going to say when I'm in the middle of a do you tell you children to put their clothes in their drawers if you suddenly look out their window and see something interesting and instead, tell them to put their clothes in their garbage truck??!?!?!?

FarmWife said...

Oh Kork, I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does that. "Hey, everyone sit down at the computer for dinner!" "Get in the laundry room, it's bath time." Ugh!