March 23, 2010

My House is to Blue Jeans as.....

Last night, as I was cleaning out the cabinet under my bathroom sink, I came to a life changing realization. I am not a Stepford Wife. I know, you're just as shocked as I was. I'll give you a moment to let it sink in.


Are you OK now? I'll give you a few more minutes.


I had just finished standing on the bathroom counter (don't tell my husband) to clean off the light bulbs, change a few that were burned out, wipe down the top of my medicine cabinet, and clean up the nick-knacks that live up there when I decided I was tired of sorting through tiny hair bands to find my bobby pins & eye shadow, so I emptied out my make-up drawer. That led to the emptying of the cabinet under the sink, BabyGirl's hair clip drawer from her room, and my purse.

35 minutes & a grocery bag full of trash later, I realized this is only the beginning of the serious spring cleaning I need to take on. Then I thought of my very tidy friend, Kork. Does Kork need to spring clean? I mean, she cleans her baseboards regularly. I'm pretty sure she washes off her kitchen cabinet fronts more than once every 6 months. Heck, she dusts. Me, not so much. It's a really good thing we didn't room together in college. She'd have never spoken to me again.

I should point out that I, in no way, think Kork is a Stepford wife, nor would I have a problem with it if she were. I think it's awesome that she wants to keep her house in tip top shape at all times. I really admire the fact that a team from Good Housekeeping could come into her home on any day & other than Capt. & DG's toys & books, it would be photo ready. Part of me wishes she could bottle that drive & send some to me.

But that isn't me. Does it have to be? No. If you show up unannounced at my house, I cannot promise there won't be dirty dishes piled in the sink & a film of dust on the entertainment center. If I know you're coming in advance, I'll try to make sure there aren't 15 blankets & pillows strung across the living room floor where the FarmHands have been playing house. I attempt to do a thorough cleaning once or twice a year (carpets, tops of cabinets, closets, book cases), but our house doesn't stay that way.

I call it the-comfortably-lived-in-look. Just think of my house as your favorite pair of well worn jeans. Decent enough to run to the grocery in, but not quite meet-the-queen material.


Kork said...

Aw shucks FarmWife! I'm not a Stepford Wife, this is true, I just learned a long time ago that if I fore-go a little bit of "fun" each day, I ultimately end up with more time for it because I don't have to spend tons of time devoted purely to the mundane parts of being a grown-up like paying bills and scrubbing counters.

I am SO totally not wired that me I'd much rather sit around reading a book, or building a blanket fort, or making cookies...the fun things in life, you know?

And you can come over right now and see that things are in no way ready for a photo shoot...sigh...

And I'm proud that you decided to get some things done that aren't in the "normal" scope of daily living!

Daddy and Mama Brown said...

Ummm...I feel you girl. Daddy Brown's mom is not a Stepford Wife, but in 16 years we've been together, I've never seen a speck of dust ANYWHERE. I remember being at her house one day and of course it was perfect in my book. She was so stressed that she had SO MUCH to clean up. I just busted out laughing.

I wish I had the drive...and Kork is right, it is a MUNDANE task everyday. However, most days, I feel like a rock star if I get the dishwasher loaded and 2 load of laundry wash, folded and put away. Spending all the extra time with the Brownies makes my day.

I'm CERTAIN of that the fact you were even cleaning under the sink, is a mark that you are WAY far ahead of me. And, are you really supposed to wipe down the cabinets and book cases once or twice a year? I'll get right on that! :)

Penny said...

I remember that when my kids were small I used to clean all the time..worried that someone might come by and see a I have gotten older, I realize that there were times I missed with my kids just by cleaning so much...I agree a house needs to be clean, but remember girls, those babies are not babies for that my oldest will be 30 this year and my youngest just turned 27..i miss those days playing trucks and cars..and reading books and just enjoying my children. so keep those houses clean, but also remember to love your kids, spend all the time you can with a flash, they are grown...

zann said...

sounds as though our homes are very similar. I like your analogy