March 16, 2010

Can I just say, I adore you all?

Well, I'm going to say it just the same. You have given me blog fodder for days. Now I remember why I instated Ask FarmWife Day to begin with. I'm going to try to spread your questions out over a few days, but I must, must, must start with Inkling's "manpri" query.

How do you feel about "manpris", as in capris / crop pants for men? They are all over metro Vancouver, and I'm not feeling the love. Specifically, would you think Farmboy was hot if he wore them?

This is one of those times I thank the Good Lord that I live in the middle of nowhere & have never laid eyes on manpris. So, being the good, Internet addicted FarmWife that I am, I googled them. What did I find? This:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm pretty sure this picture is enough four letter words & to land me in time out for the rest of the millennium. Ugh. (Thanks to the ladies at for the lovely image.) According to the Urban dictionary, manpris is gay slang. I think that's enough in it's self to keep FarmBoy far, far away from them.

I really think the image of Carrot Top wearing them should be enough to keep any man away from them, but apparently that's not the case.

They put me in mind of K-Fed. He must be seriously ahead of the times since he's been rocking these beauties since he became Brit's boy toy.

To answer your question about FarmBoy in man would be hot in anything. That being said, I wouldn't be seen in public with him if he were sporting cropped pants and crocs....unless it was Halloween. Then I'd been seen in public with him dressed as a pirate.
For anyone who's never met my husband, FarmBoy adheres to a strict dress code: Relaxed fit blue jeans (not dark wash, not light wash), pocket T-shirts, Hanes socks, and Nikes. If it's cold out he'll toss on a flannel shirt. If it's hot, he swaps out for a plain men's tank top & relaxed fit jean shorts. I've tried to expand his horizons, but if this is the direction men's fashion is taking, I'll buy stock in Wrangler & Fruit of the Loom.


Kork said...

AMEN! I think if BB were ever to seriously comment on anything like that and it wasn't to dress like a pirate for some costumed event, I'm afraid I'd have to find a way to cash in on the life insurance policy without getting caught...good thing I watch lots and lots of CSI and NCIS, so I could do it! :D

Inkling said...

Thank you so much for humoring me. It did my heart good to read such fun-ness (that IS a word today) on a day when my hormones are making me crabby. I needed the smile, and my family thanks you for temporarily making me a nicer person. =)

Queen Mother said...
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Queen Mother said...

From what I have seen these manpris are nothing more then old men's shorts. Think of the grandpas you see on vacation. Black knee high socks and black shoes or the white knee socks with the black shoes. The ones that are really out there had plaid shorts. They were so metro and didn't even know it.

Daddy and Mama Brown said...

Bahahaha! I burst out in laughter here at 4:45a in the morning when I read your post. Get inspired girl, you keep my in stitches! I hadn't heard of the manpris and I agree it is gay.

However, I wonder if some fashion designer got the bright idea that if they made the manpris, young men would stop wearing their pants below their booty with a belt around their thighs to get the desired length! I have to say "Yak" to the manpris!