March 18, 2010

FarmWife Answers a few more....

Back to answering a few of your questions! This time we're not delving into the world of modern male fashion....thank goodness!

Mama Brown asked: Do you plan a spring, summer or fall garden? If so, what do you plan?

Yes, Mama Brown, we plant a vegetable garden (or 3) every summer. To be honest, there's not a lot of thought put into it by yours truly. That's Husband's realm. Odd, since I'm the one who does the canning, freezing, and cooking, but his job is the actual growing so he gets the biggest say.

Somewhere near the end of April, beginning of May, we take a stroll through Rural King & the lawn & garden center of Wal-Mart. Sweet Corn, green beans, peas, zucchini, and a few tomato plants are usually in the mix. Last year Husband & B.B. added a few strawberry plants that I'd like to have moved to their own raised bed this summer. A watermelon patch is a must have for the FarmHands every summer. I like the baby seedless ones because they're so easy to cut in fourths & pass out on a hot summer afternoon. Last summer Husband went a little sunflower crazy planting most of a 50 pound bag of birdseed in the yard (thank goodness for 10 acres). This year I think we'll scale them back a bit, but I did love watching the birds play in them. Oh, and my favorite from last year, although non-edible, was the miniature Indian Corn we put out. It was so pretty & we shared it with family & neighbors for decoration in the fall.

I'm hoping this is the year I'll be able to turn the FarmHands loose a bit & get my hands dirty in our garden. Husband doesn't believe in weeding. I always have good intentions & big plans, but end up hunting my bush beans out of a weedy mess in August.

Needlefingers asked: what was the nature of the obviously traumatic incident that rendered George Lucas incapable of writing dialogue? :)

I can't say I'm 100% sure of the cause behind Mr.Lucas's decline into the monosyllabic, but I'm hoping it was some sort of unreported head injury. Either that or his dog died & he was so depressed he forgot how to script brilliant lines like, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy," and replaced them with things like, "Wesa got a grand army. That's why you no liking us meesa thinks."

And finally (for today) one more question from my darling cousin, Inkling. After nursing for extended years of your life, do the tips of the udders ever go back to normal after weaning, if you know what I mean?

No. Sorry. You have to come to terms with trading in nicely having bosoms that even a 3 year old is sure you possess. :) (Sorry folks, it's a family joke. If Inkling ever starts blogging regularly again, she can explain that one.)

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needlefingers said...

Or maybe it's a tuma. (you have to say that with Schwarzenegger's accent)

"No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try."