February 8, 2010

Monday Weigh-in

Ang posts her weekly weigh-ins on Monday. I'm going to take a page out of her book & twist it a bit. I'm going to weigh Monday all on it's own. Just 2 short lists to decide if it should continue to be Monday or if we should just skip on through to Tuesday.

Monday's good list:
  1. I finally saw the urologist about my kidney issue.
  2. B.B. saw the urologist at the same time about some issues he's having.
  3. I got Bitsy in to the walk-in clinic with only a 30 minute wait.
  4. I got a pair of jeans on clearance for $7.
  5. I finally caved in & bought a temporal artery thermometer.
  6. The people at the hospital lab were accommodating & helpful & they gave B.B. & Bitsy suckers.
  7. Buddy is doing pretty well with the potty training business.

Monday's crappy list:

  1. I've started a 2 week round of Cipro for my kidney which may be followed by a 60-90 day preventative regiment of antibiotics depending on my culture & how this antibiotic works (this is on this list because I have a hard time remembering to take my Prozac once a day much less an antibiotic twice a day....and I hate the idea of being on it for months at a time, but I have to get rid of this stinking infection).
  2. B.B. has retractile testes (I'm sure he'll be thrilled that I've shared this on the interwebs) and has a hernia.
  3. Friday we have to drive 3 hours away to see a pediatric urologist to find out if B.B. needs surgery to repair the hernia.
  4. I had to take Bitsy with me to town today & she is one ill little girl.
  5. Bitsy has a double ear infection & possible bladder infection that kept her from sleeping last night.
  6. The urologist put a bag on her to attempt to get a urine sample for us to take to the clinic.
  7. Bitsy screamed bloody murder when the nurse put the bag on, then she refused to pee in it at all.
  8. They needed her to pee in a cup at the clinic & she flat refused.
  9. Wal-Mart says the prescriptions will take 20 minutes to fill, but they really mean 40 minutes to an hour.
  10. I'm sick with a bad head cold that kept me from sleeping last night.
  11. After driving home, Bitsy finally peed in the little potty & I got the urine sample we needed.
  12. That meant a second drive in to town to drop off the sample at the hospital lab.
  13. Husband was getting ready to leave for work, so I had to take a tired B.B. & sick Bitsy with me back to town. They were not happy campers.
  14. Bitsy had to be registered at the hospital so I could leave a cup of pee on a counter (but see #6 in the list above).
  15. My lips are chapped wicked bad from all the mouth breathing & nose blowing.
  16. We're being threatened with 4 inches of snow tonight & tomorrow.

Yeah. Monday sucks. It's a mathematical fact.

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