February 7, 2010

The Adventures of Buddy Joe

The grand plan was to get this pup to be BabyGirl's best friend. Unfortunately, Buddy Joe doesn't really understand his place in this world. He's under the impression that he's meant to live on my lap or tucked in next to me where ever I sit. He's beginning to warm up to BabyGirl, but will still come to me first & foremost. Any hints on how to remedy this?

We're crate training him. He's thinks we're crazy. He cried for almost 3 hours straight Friday night. I finally came in & laid in the living room floor until he fell asleep. Last night he did much better, but then I started out on the floor with him.

As for the house breaking, he's not doing half bad. He tinkled one tiny bit on the carpet Friday night, then this morning he peed on the linoleum behind my chair at the breakfast table. I think having Lilly May as an example is helping out in this department.

I'm currently nursing a cold. Bitsy has a runny nose. BabyGirl is congested. Lilly May & Husband both have coughs. The boys are a bit sniffly, but not horribly. So church is out for today. Instead we're opting for a day spent in our PJ's, watching what ever family movies HBO has to offer, and snacking on dry cereal & animal crackers. Don't you wish you were us?


Anita said...


In order for Buddy Joe to really love Baby Girl, then she has to be the only one who feeds him. At least right now. She could also be the one who slips him an occasional treat. Let her be his momma and he will warm up to her. You might have to back off a bit and as hard as it is, ignore him. He is a cutie.

Kork said...

I'm with Aunt Anita - BabyGirl needs to take the role of mama...also, have her wear a shirt she's ok with "losing" overnight, and give it to BuddyJoe to sleep with. Her scent will be what he warms up to.

Good job on crate training...excellent idea, the best you could make.

I'm jealous of all things puppy at your house...especially in light of our weekend. Pop on over to my world when you can.