February 5, 2010

Meet Buddy Joe

He's BabyGirl's new Morkie (that's a Maltese/Yorkie mix....what was once a "mutt" is now a "designer breed"). He's as cute as a button & as busy as a bee. He's BabyGirl's reward/reminder/bribe for improved behavior.
She's been having a tough time lately. Her temper & mouth have gotten her in a great deal of trouble since Christmas. Her daddy talked to her Sunday night about the possibility of getting her own puppy. I talked to her about the responsibility it would entail & the needed attitude adjustment I would require.
She's worked hard all week on her behavior. We've only had one real physical altercation between her & #1 Son this week(a HUGE improvement from the 2-3 a day we were dealing with). Her homework has been finished quickly all week. Her attitude has been better & the few problems we've had have been stopped mostly by bringing them to her attention.
Tuesday, Husband & I went to see the lady we got Andrew from 12 years ago this week. She told me about a pup she was certain BabyGirl would like, but I wasn't quite as certain. Yorkies & Maltese have a lot of hair. They're little, delicate dogs. Could one hold it's own in our mad house of a home?
Then we met Buddy & I knew right away this little guy had the energy to keep up with our brood. The breeder sent him to the vet to get fixed & have his final shots, then we picked him up today.
BabyGirl is over the moon. I'm thrilled to see her so happy.
But I have to wonder, why do we keep getting puppies that need housebreaking during the winter? What is wrong with us? Oh well. He should keep us well entertained while we're snowed in this weekend.
And Lilly May is having a fabulous time trying to convince her new little brother that he needs to tear through the house & wrestle with her.


areyoukiddingme said...

He's a cutie! I hope he inspires Baby Girl to better behavior!

Penny said...

love the puppy!! did you get him from a breeder?? we have a cockapoo and would love to find a good companion for him!