January 1, 2010

Ten things to remember in the New Year:

  1. Christmas vacation can make even the best behaved FarmHand lose his little mind. (Case in point: I woke up this morning, for the third time, to #1 Son screaming, "Getout'aheregetout'aheregetout'aheregetout'ahere," at the top of his lungs.)
  2. Spongebob makes children crazy. Hours of Spongebob after months without it is similar to slipping Red Bull in their sippy cups.
  3. DVR can be a girl's best friend...in an impersonal, electronic kind of way.
  4. Send the Queen Mother school pictures as soon as you get them.
  5. Chex Mix is a perfectly nutritious meal when you're 33.
  6. Christmas vacation can make even the best behaved FarmBoy lose his little mind. (Case in point: He's prancing around this morning like a ballerina....don't ask.)
  7. Have your cell phone number added to the dog's ID tag so when she bolts out of QM's house & runs off when no one is looking, anyone who finds her can call you immediately instead of 3 days later when you get back home. (Thank goodness Daddy found her first.)
  8. A TV & DVD player in their bedroom & new Leapsters can grant the parents of four FarmHands 30 minutes or so peace & quiet.
  9. You can skip the movies next time & just take the FarmHands to the car wash. They'll be just as entertained by it & you can save yourself $30. And by the same thought, you can skip the presents at Christmas & give them giant cardboard boxes & a hand full of crayons.
  10. Just breath.

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Queen Mother said...

dig out last years school pictures for Grammy.