January 3, 2010


It's nearly over. I'm not ready for it to be over. Sure, I'm ready for a bit of peace & quiet with the kids back in school, but I'm not ready for the chaos sending them back involves.

The first week of Christmas break was spent getting ready to go to QM's, having our Christmas here, traveling, visiting & playing with family, more traveling, and lots of unpacking. This week has been much different. We went to town twice, once for shopping, once to take the FarmHands to the movies. We laid around the house in our pajamas for days at a time, eating junk food, playing Uno, and watching all the television we wanted. I've napped with Bitsy. I've napped on the couch. Husband has watched his fill of football. Husband has napped in his recliner. The FarmHands have eaten their weight in Pop-Tarts & Christmas candy. They've played video games & Transformers. Bitsy's doctored us all with her new medical kit. We've argued & laughed & played & wrestled....and tomorrow it all changes.

Tomorrow the FarmHands go back to school. Tomorrow Husband goes back to work. Tomorrow I have to dig our home out from under the piles of baby dolls, laundry, dishes, and Bakugan. Tomorrow reality comes roaring back into our lulled to sleep lives.


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