January 6, 2010

Please Pray!

I know I bring a lot of prayer requests to you all, but I know God listens & I know you all pray.

Real first names this time.
I have a friend from high school named Diana. Her husband, Justin, had gastric bypass surgery shortly before Christmas.

Yesterday he ended up back in surgery. I don't know the details, but these are 3 of her status updates since yesterday:

"it's not good. he had a leak dropping bacteria from the throat and mouth and it's trying to kill him. they fixed the leak, cleaned out the infection, and now we fight. fight hard. his kidneys are trying to shut down, lungs having trouble, blood pressure down. the dr. said this is not something where he'll be out in a week. looking at 1-2 months. it's not good."

About 3 hours later- "justin update - he is semi conscious. his blood pressure is still trying to just quit and bottom out, but his kidneys are working a little. he is intubated and with it enough to shake his head no when i threatened to sell his truck and mac computers. we'll take it. FIGHT ON!!"

And today- "most important - he is still here and fighting. last night @10:30 they told us to gather the family because we might be losing him. worst moment of my life. dr. says he is worse and i told him he is wrong. his blood pressure is closer to stable with meds, unlike yesterday when it didn't seem to matter. heart rate is down and less infectious goo is coming out. FIGHT AND PRAY, PLEASE!!!"

I think Diana has said it all.


Kork said...

Pass along my hugs and prayers for the whole family...got our whole small group praying for this one!!!!!

Anita said...

I am praying sweetie.

Aunt Anita