January 7, 2010

Keep Praying, Please

More updates from Diana about Justin:

Yesterday: "update-my man is tough! blood pressure holding steady. one pump of meds is off, and another is being lowered in dosage. heart rate is down closer to normal. oxygen levels are good. still no kidney function and he is intubated. can't get his temp down, but that is also a sign he is just fighting away! i compare it to st...airs on an aztec temple-we are only on step 4 & there are a lot of steps to go, but we are climbing."

And: "team justin motto- In the end, everything is okay. If it's not okay, it's NOT THE END!"

Today: "Justin is here for another day and coming on strong. his temp is down in the 98s, bp meds are almost all gone, heartrate great. that puts us on step 13 of our giant temple climbing. But no backslides... he has just under 48 hours to get his kidneys started before they start dialysis. he is fighting, fighting, FIGHTING!!! thank you all for your prayers and support"

Keep praying!! It's working!! Praise the Lord!

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Kork said...

God is good! Let Diana and Justin know that we're still praying hard for them!!!