December 11, 2009


#1 Son was lucky to have inherited his grandfather's spelling skills. His Pa is a natural is his mother. #1 Son's mother, on the other hand, was not gifted thusly. She inherited her mother & her father's father's lack of skill in spelling.

First grade spelling has been a breeze for him. He only ends up taking one final spelling test or so a month having aced many of his trial spelling tests earlier in the week. This week, things were a bit different. He missed 7 words on his trial test Thursday assuring his need to take the final test today.

This morning, Husband & I were helping him study after breakfast. We stressed the "wh" sound because it was used in 3 or 4 of his words today. "Remember," I said, "if your word starts with the 'Whu' sound, it's a W & an H." He took the words to heart.

He only missed one word on his final test today: yours. It's kind of a tough one to sound out. He spelled it W-H-O-R-E-S.


I called his teacher & asked what exactly she's teaching her first graders in spelling (I can do things like that....she was BabyGirl's teacher, I'm her room mother, & she goes to church with my Grandparents). She laughed so hard. "I know, I know," she said, "I read that & had to work really hard to not react to that one!"

As Inkling would say, Oy.

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